Reviews - Contemporary

Millie, Dru and Tasha are sisters who have started their own catering company, highlighting each of the sisters’ unique talents.

Deep Blue

ACTION ADVENTURE:  Dr. Grace Mann grew up with sharks — great whites, to be exact. Her father was a shark researcher, and Grace has followed in his footsteps — she lives and breathes everything shark. After free diving with a great white, a photo of her touching the shark goes viral and she is instantly well known.

CHICK-LIT:  Maryn Medrovovich has finally married the Crown Prince Stephan, and is now ready to embark on the wedded bliss all fairy tales promise.  Now that she is a bona fide princess, Maryn is excited about performing the duties and responsibilities that go with the title.  Instead, she finds herself locked away, prevented from attending all but a few very selective, and massively boring eve

After an enchanting meeting at Niagara Falls brought Jace and Niagara together, their relationship is moving on to the next step. As the holidays approach the pair are planning their future, but neither of them expect the sudden arrival of a brother Niagara never knew she had. New challenges can make or break a relationship.

Liz Montgomery is used to being seen as "a Montgomery" — an extension of her famous sports family — but rarely as herself. After her engagement ends in disaster, Liz is determined to keep relationships from hurting her again.