Reviews - Contemporary


Garrett Stephens has dreamed of playing on the pro golf tour since college.  Always a popular athlete, he has lived the playboy lifestyle all his life.  The chase has always been his goal and after sampling the goods, he loses interest.  Charlotte Windham has always pushed herself to strive for something greater, and she is now a bestselling author.

When Dr.  Devon Mayfield first meets Professor Delaney Driscoll at a college bar he thinks she is too flighty for him. For her part, Delaney feels he is too emotionally unavailable for her and shrugs him off. In his search for romance, Devon takes a “love test” invented by Delaney’s friend, Samantha — and is matched with Delaney!

Pepper is fresh off a breakup with her jock boyfriend, Phil — who was ‘considerate’ enough to end things with a text. Angry, yet determined not to let this get her down, she takes a job as a sports doctor in her Florida hometown. Her friend sets her up on a blind date at a local coffee shop. Once she meets who she thinks is her blind date Rick, she is resolved to get laid.

Abby McCord has been forced to relocate from Hollywood to the sleepy town of Cane, 

At Last in Laguna

Alyssa Morgan has been crushing on her older brother Nick's best friend, Brandt Dempsey, for years. At her brother’s wedding, she throws him a proposition that he quickly rebuffs. Each of them have come from less-than-happy childhoods, and Brandt isn’t about to get into a committed relationship, especially with his best friend’s kid sister. Alyssa is off limits, period.