TJ Mackay

With over 2,000 professional book reviews under my belt and rising weekly, I'm not sure where to begin. Obviously, I love to read!  I juggled a double major in both English Education and Dance in college (English Ed. to land a job, Dance for the  pure joy of it!)  From there, I've worked in both fields consistently until this obsession we call InD'tale grew too big to juggle - although I still teach occasionally and dance when the opportunity presents itself!

While working in this industry I've had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and interviewing some of publishing's most famous (and fun) authors and celebrities. Since the biggest complaint people had about me while growing up was that I ask way too many questions, this career has been the perfect fit.  I LOVE people (one has to work very hard for me not to like them!) The past few years, however, I have become increasingly aware of the very talented authors that are not afforded media exposure simply because they choose to self or small publish rather than accept the strictures of mainstream publishing. Thus, the idea of "InD'tale" magazine was born!

Through more hard work than I thought possible and more love and support than I thought imaginable, InD'Tale is quickly becoming the magazine of choice by thousands of people who want to learn, be entertained and discover new and interesting books in the indie and self published field.

Along with making "InD'tale" the very best magazine of its kind, I still take time to teach private music lessons. Music (all kinds) is a passion I will always indulge in no matter where life takes me. I am also passionate about traveling, learning, and enjoying new experiences. I'm continuing an on-going bucket list of visiting a new and interesting place in the world at least once a year. 

Executive Assistant/Review Coordinator:

Tonya Smalley

I wear many different hats, avid reader, proof-reader, photograhper and stained glass artist. Everyone needs a creative outlet in my opinion. :)

My obsession with reading began in high school, when my BFF gave me an historical romance, and said "Here, YOU have to read this". I now read approximately 200 books a year, and thanks to a good friend I have gotten hooked on many different genres I normally would never read. Reading is such a part of my life that I now rarely watch television, because you will find me curled up on the couch, or sitting on my patio devouring the latest story. Being a part of the InD'tale staff has been a wonderful journey into the amazing written world, and the meeting of so many incredible authors whom I now call friend. 

Copy Editors:

Tammy Grant

I hail from the Great White North and believe it or not, I don't play hockey!  A voracious reader since discovering Dr. Seuss, I can usually be found behind the hot pink cover of my Kindle.  Reading is an escape from my busy life as a Court Official, wife and mom to two voracious readers in training.  Historical romances are my passion but I’ve been known to drop everything for a thriller, a police procedural or anything else shiny that catches my eye.  Whether I’m ranting, gushing or just plain blabbing, My irreverent wit and sometimes snarky commentary is bound to keep you entertained.

Julie L. York

I am an author, graphic designer, editor, and mom - though not always in that order. I've been writing and designing since high school, way back, when graphic design was called desktop publishing, and a red pen was the universal sign for a mistake. I still hold the red pen for those who confuse the spellchecker and make the grammar checker smoke. I was born and raised in the East Bay Area, California, graduated with a B.A. in English, minoring in Business married and had children. I completed a Masters of Fine Arts in Media Design.  As a reward, I purchased an iPod Touch, but was too exhausted to even open the box. Once I did, however, I started reading voraciously ... no ... I returned to reading voraciously! Thanks to iBooks and the Kindle App, I've consumed thousands of eBooks since 2011 - did I mention reading's my first love? Or is it writing? Maybe designing? Should I mention my husband and kids in there, too?  Along with my own work, I now edit novels for other authors, design their book covers (print and digital), and teach them control of their own creative works.

Media Marketing:

Melody Prat

I have been in the education field for 20 years. I have only begun reading novels for pleasure the past few years, due to the fact that I was raising three sons and a daughter that were active in sports and other extracurricular activities. A few years ago, a co-worker gave me a paranormal book to read, and I have been hooked ever since! I have been reviewing books professionally for the past three years, reading a variety of genres.

I love spending time with my family, relaxing, and reading on our quite country farm. I share a love of the beach with my husband of 26 years. We also enjoy Native American Pow Wow’s, Scottish Highland Games, and DragonCon - all opposite sides of the spectrum! We try to look for adventures that take us outside the box of normal, day to day life. I enjoy meeting new people, and look forward to my new position and responsibilities with “InD’tale” Magazine! This new adventure is going to be very exciting!

Claudette Melenson:

I write & edit in Kitchener, Ontario with my four bunnie babies: Tegan, Pepper, Butters & Beckett. I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English, BS in English Education and an MA in Literature. Harboring a deep admiration of vampires since the age of five left me with the desire to eventually become one, and now it fuels the creation of my favorite paranormal characters. I hopes to one day work full time as an author, since there are many, many stories playing out inside my head.

 But for now, in my very scant spare time, I enjoy watching Japanese Anime and reading vampire stories...along with other genres of great fiction. I also like riding every roller coaster I encounter in both my hometown and away at signings. An advocate for good health and ketogenic eating, my favorite foods are bulletproof coffee, cashew-flour crust pizza and treats made with xylitol and almond, coconut or cashew flours.

Future dreams include a cabin boasting a roaring fire, isolated inside a snow-filled wood in the Yukon—the perfect writing spot—and the completion of dozens of future novels and stories. A Rabbit Rescue fanatic and loving bunmom, I also hope to help rescues all over the world save many innocent lives.

Julie Caicco:

I fell in love with reading in grade school. My first favorite was The Box Car Children, then my best friend and I read the entire Nancy Drew series from our school library. After that, some young adult then onto adult romance. I've graduated to some suspense and mystery, however made my way back to contemporary romance, which I love! Just ask my husband, my nose is in my E reader any stolen moment I have. I have worked in the wine industry for over 15 years. I am also very interested in wellness and healthy eating. I love spending time with friends and family and sharing a glass of my latest favorite! We love to travel but when we are home we love to entertain and lucky for me, my husband is a great cook and a pro when it comes to Santa Maria Style BBQ! My favorite things are bbq artichoke, a crisp chardonnay and a wonderful love story! Cent anni' (100 years, our 'cheers').

Anna Conley

I was born in Ohio, but moved to North Carolina when I was a baby. I'm 19 and a college student working on my Associate's degree. I hope to transfer to NC State in 2018 to pursue a degree either as a Veterinary Technician or a Zoo Veterinary Technician. I love animals, art, reading, video games, and visiting family in Ohio. I also love the beach and all things beach-related especially swimming, shelling, and long walks with my boyfriend.


Special Publications Editor/Marketing

Elisha Sawyer

I am California girl who loves the beach and anything sunny. Very private by nature, I grew up in the world of books and reading, so much so that I had read everything there was available for me in our small local library before I even hit my teens.  Reading is still one of my favorite things.  Mysteries top the list but anything with a great storyline will have me captivated, not matter the genre. Aside from my children, who are the light of my entire life,  I also love to bake. I have the sweet tooth to prove there will rarely be a time in my house where a homemade cookie or muffin can't be found.  I'm also working towards a degree that will allow me to advance in my career as a school psychologist.  I love children and can think of nothing better than helping them achieve their dreams.

Technical Editors:

Ana Smith

I'm a computer science instructor as I work on finishing a Doctorate degree in the same area. I also love reading, mostly books with strong romantic plots. I've always spent a lot of time daydreaming about princes on their white stallions, and then I discovered books. Nothing is impossible between the pages of my favorite novels: princes marry poor serving girls, dragons are defeated, and everybody lives Happily Ever After. A true romantic in this day and age? Undeniably, yes. :-)


Jeff Samuelsen:

I'm a passionate software engineer who also happens to own and run my own software development company in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up asking way too many questions I soon became an avid book fan and was often asked why I had to bring a book withme everywhere I went. And being surrounded by the classics from the cryptogram of Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Gold-Bug" to Learning to Program Your Computer in Pascal with Sherlock Holmes, this career has been the perfect fit. I enjoy helping self-published authors with building their websites, social marketing, and the occasional book cover design using GIMP. When I'm not glued to a computer screen and trying to keep our cats off the keyboard, I spend time reading the Torah, searching for that perfect cup of coffee and sharing time with my BFF wife of 8 years, InD'tale reviewer, Jessica Samuelsen.

Cover Design:

Elle J. Rossi

I’m an author, graphic designer, and self-proclaimed gypsy. If I had to describe myself in one phrase, I’d say I’m a complex contradiction. I love laughter, wit, sarcasm and sunshine equally as much as I love all things macabre. I like dirt roads and city sidewalks, country music and old school rap. I like ripped jeans and pretty dresses, tailgates and museums.

 My bookshelf is no less eclectic. Give me a romance, paranormal contemporary and everything in between. I’ll have that in one hand and a thriller or horror in the other. My love for reading transformed into a love for writing. I’ve penned paranormal and contemporary romance, urban fantasy and horror. These tales all lean to the darker side, which probably says more about me than I should divulge. I’m also a book cover fanatic. I wander around bookstores staring and studying covers for hours on end. To know I’ve created some of these beauties and had the opportunity to work with so many awesome authors and publishers is something that makes me incredibly proud. 

Promotional Design:

Rachel Rossano

Rachel spends most of her time with her three rambunctious young children and keeping their home from falling down around her beloved husband’s ears. When she isn’t wrangling little ones, she spends hours in her personal fantasy worlds of words talking to imaginary people and writing their stories down. With a small side business in cover design and book trailer creation, her schedule is almost always overflowing. Regardless, she is always eager to meet a new writer or reader and talk about books and writing.

Jaimey Grant

Jaimey is a mother of two, a writer of Regency romance and short stories of various genres, a reader, a book cover designer, a blogger, a gamer...and chronic procrastinator.  She spends her time making up fictional characters, teaching her two overly imaginative kids, blogging about video games and how she plays them with very little grace, and pretending housework isn't necessary. Her husband supports her in everything except ignoring the housework.


Ralph Conley

I was born a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…no, wait. Wrong story. I was born in Indiana, I’ve lived in Ohio, and I now reside in North Carolina. I was in the Marine Corps for nine years and I’ve been at my current job for 23 years, all with perfect attendance. I have a BA in Romance Languages in Literature:Spanish from A&T University and I’m two classes shy of a BS in Computer Science which I hope to finish next year. I love history, puttering around outside, woodworking, and spending time with my wife, six kids, and two grandchildren.


Ann M. Richardson

Ann was raised in the Midwest, where she was active in drama and singing.  Her passion is narrating well-written books with plot twists; even better if there’s humor incorporated. She has been described as having a distinctly soft and feminine voice that surprisingly has no trouble digging into gritty characters, or passionate scenes. Ann has achieved the distinction of “Audible Approved Narrator” She is also is an active member of World-Voices Organization and served on its Executive Board for  three years.Fiona Jayde is a space pilot, a ninth degree black belt in three styles of martial arts, a computer hacker, a mountain climber, a jazz singer, a weight lifter, a superspy with a talent for languages, and an evil genius. All in her own head.

S. L. Carpenter

A lifetime Californian, Scott Carpenter lives what he considers the ordinary life of a husband and father, with the addition of three dogs and a couple of cats. Humor has always played a large role in his life, and he enjoys making people smile. When he discovered that his short stories did just that, his career as a writer was born and some time later his first book of humorous erotic short stories was published. That was over a dozen years ago and since then readers have discovered the twisted delights offered by this unique author. His stories range from the outright absurd to the deeply poignant, and his mastery of the short story format is undeniable. If asked, he’ll describe himself as just another guy. His many fans will tell you that his writing paints a quite different picture.

Andy Peloquin

I am, first and foremost, an artist and words are my palette. Fantasy is my genre of choice, and I love to explore the darker side of human nature through the filter of fantasy heroes, villains, and everything in between. I am also a freelance writer, a book lover, and a guy who just loves to meet new people and spend hours talking about my fascination for the worlds I encounter in the pages of novels.


Danielle Hill

Danielle Hill has had a love affair with books since she was very young.  Her mother introduced her to the wonderful world of books, and she’s eternally grateful for that. She started reading at age four and never stopped.  Always sure to have at least one book on her at any time, her favorite genres are romance—historical , paranormal, and Harlequins; urban and dark fantasy, and classic horror.  She lives in Texas with her family and two mischievous cats.

Lynne Bryant

Growing up, I was an extremely shy child and having to move every couple of years was hard. I found myself in the pages of a book when a friend introduced me to historical romance novels. I even remember the very first one I read. Since then, I need a love story and a happily ever after. Being a reviewer has been a dream come true, I have made many friends, and found many new authors to love...what more could a girl ask for.

Ruth Lynn Ritter

Growing up in the middle of the wide open west amidst farms and ranches, the highlight of the week became the trip to the local library.  I could go anywhere in the world and experience things I could only dream of within the pages of books!  Around 12 years old and bored with the "pre-adolescent" offerings, I picked up a Harlequin romance for the first time and was lost as the world of love unfolded before my eyes!  Since that fateful day, my favorite books are always those with a love story.  I have been reviewing professionally for five years, along with my "day" job in education. I love to teach, craft, bake and create when I don't have a book in my hand (hmmm, come to think of it, I don't do those things often!)

Sarah E. Bradley

I’ve been reading since before I can remember. My mother still recalls the day I came up to her and her friends with my Peter Pan book and “read” it to her at the age of two, having completely memorized it. Since then I’ve devoured roughly one to two hundred books a year and have since started writing my own. When I’m not editing and adding scenes, I’m buried in someone else’s world seeking new romance, kick-butt action, and enough laughs to leave me rolling off my bean bag.

Amy Cefoldo

I am a native Coloradan who moved to Texas for college and never escaped.  Although I miss the fresh mountain air, my family and four seasons, I did meet my husband here so I cannot complain too much.  We are the proud parents of six amazing cats and we are those parents who talk about their kids all the time.  When I am not reading, I should be writing but more than likely, I am re-watching “Gilmore Girl’s” for the hundredth time.  I am always in search of that perfect cup of coffee or on those sweltering summer days the most refreshing glass of sweet tea and will forever be waiting for my Hogwarts letter to arrive.
Gwenellen Tarbet

I love to read a great book and have been known to read in the shower.  It’s no small trick, but it can be done.  I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my love with others.  Now that my five kids are older and somewhat self-feeding and self-cleaning, I can take some time to do what I love without too much fear that I will be reported to the authorities for sending my children to school with noodle-in-a-cup for lunch.  (Me to Doctor:  My son can’t have scurvy; I showed him a picture of an apple just yesterday)  I spend a fair bit of time trying to keep the cat off my keyboard, and yesterday I caught a glimpse of my elusive dining room table under all the stuff.  Strange, I don’t remember it being orange.  Now, let’s have some fun!

Tina Donovan

I'm a married, middle school teacher who is an avid reader. I've always enjoyed reading and have recently become an empty nester so my reading habits have increased. When I am not teaching, spending time with my family, or reading, I enjoy spoiling my grandchildren with different adventures to make lasting memories with them.

Belinda Wilson

I  began reading at the tender age of four. From there my love of books grew to astronomical proportions. I also have a great love for animals, so upon graduation from high school, I set off for the University of Arizona with the intention of becoming a veterinarian. Due to unforeseen circumstances, that was not to be, so I had to choose an alternative career field and followed the advice of my beloved high school senior English teacher and pursued a degree in English literature. From there I married my college sweetheart, Tom, and went on to be a supportive Air Force wife, editing and publishing newsletters for the squadron, PTA, and American wive’s organizations. I also wrote feature stories for the Officers’ Wives’ Club magazine as well as articles about Family Services for the local paper.  I have been with my husband 27 years and have three adult daughters and one grandson. Their menagerie includes four Shelties, a turtle, and an aquarium of tropical fish.

Majanka Verstraete

I have been reading books for as long as I can remember. I have a Masters degree in Law, and am now working on a second Masters in Criminology. I spend most of my spare time in the world of books – updating my book review website, helping authors with marketing and branding, editing books for clients, and working on book cover designs. I also write children’s books and young adult novels, mostly paranormal and horror. Seven of my books have been published so far, and I hope to publish many more in the future. I read over two hundred books a year, and review just as many.  My favorite review genres include horror, dark fantasy, thrillers, young adult and paranormal, but I'll read almost anything I can get my hands on!

L. Kane

I come to InD'tale magazine with an MA in Education, PPS, and as a School Psychologist and Learning Disability Specialist. I am also the author of  a number of books in varied genres.  Some of these books are, "The Black Madonna", "Witch Number is Which", "Icelandia", "Katterina Ballerina", "Cowboy Jack and Buddy Save Santa", and "Chilled to the Bones", "Clyde: Lost and Now Found", and "Bottoms Up: A Daisy Murphy Mysteries". I live in California with my husband, three dogs, one bird, and six horses.

Marc Joseph

 Plagued with a learning disability, I didn’t read my first book until I was 12 years old, but I’ve been a voracious reader ever since.  I grew up with twelve brothers and sisters in a mine, yours, ours and someone else’s kind of family, splitting time between the San Francisco Bay Area and California’s central coast, which gave me a love of big boisterous families and also secluded, quiet, natural places. A hopelessly habitual, lifelong student, I’ve studied Biology, History, English, Education, Law, and even got most of a Ph.D in Anglo-Norman Non-Arthurian Romance.  I even managed to get a few degrees along the way.  I’ve worked as a writer, a marine biologist, a teacher, paralegal, waiter, soccer coach and tortilla chip maker.  At the moment, and always subject to change, I live with my wife and three cats on California’s Central Coast, while I work on my second novel.  As often as possible we travel to Germany to visit her family and spend time in the beautiful wine country of the Western Rhineland.  When I’m not reading, or working on my next novel, I can be found hiking in the hills, kayaking along the coast, or trying, with little success, to master the art of photography.

MB Rose

I write stories to keep the voices in my head alive and I read books to make the voices shut up!  When I’m not sucked into a book, being a mom, writing or crafting, being a mom, hiking, being a mom, or making YouTube vids, I’m usually doing yoga to quiet the darn voices again!  With seven children - six still at home, blissfully married to my husband and my wife, two fur babies (one which might qualify as a small horse), I stay pretty busy!  Yeah that bout’ sums up who I am…

Mary-Nancy Smith

I obtained my Bachelor of Art in Human Communications from Abilene Christian University. I have edited for numerous Independent book authors and have worked closely with several Master's students on their college papers. Some of my authors include: JD Nelson, AJ Lape, Aneesa Price, Amanda Stabley, Madge Gressley, Micheal Moore, and K-Trina Pickard. Several of these have also gone on to win awards for their works. I have also formatted e-books and paperbacks for authors that include Nathaniel Parkinson and Julie Cassar.

Yannie Sorenson

Writing a bio always seems to be a touch awkward for me. Which fits, because I can be a remarkably awkward person in real life.  I am a wife to an amazing husband.  I’m also a mommy to two wonderful kids- Emily who’s 6 and Asher who’s 4. They definitely keep me on my toes! My hobbies can be summed up in basically two words- books and cello. I love to read and hoard...I mean collect books and my sweet kids have definitely picked up my love of the written word. I guess it would be hard NOT to when there are so many around here. Now cello...I’ve been enamored with the rich tones of the cello since I was little. So much so that my husband bought me one and is doing what he can to help me learn.
We have two pet rats, Fred and George, but no other furries around here. Although, if I had my way we would be overrun with animals. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and snuggling with a cute, warm, alive floof!

Chantel Hardge

I'm a philosopher, a warrior, a gypsy, a healer, and a mother. Add to that a reader,  I fall in love with books the way you might fall in love with a man. Sometimes, there is a sweet and tender courtship that blooms into pure adoration. Other times, it's love at first sight! I was the child who would stay up and read under the covers, flashlight in hand, long after I was told to go to bed. On the rare occasions when I would get into trouble and have to be grounded, all my mother had to do was take away my beloved books to devastate my entire world. I love words, I'm fascinated by language in general. I have the deepest affection for beautiful prose and a really well written story.
I'm also a lover of music, (My name actually means "lover of music" in French). I went to 12 different schools growing up. I have a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I'm obsessed with owls, coffee, makeup, extraordinarily cool socks, video games and the color Burgundy. I have 3 kids, and a pug named Frank. And I've been married for almost 16  years to my very best friend!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick

Hey Everyone. I’m Lex and I am reviewing from Glasgow in Scotland. I have been an avid reader since I was young and I write as well. I write for dog magazines in the UK and also do the dd bit of fiction. When I am not reading or writing, I am looking after my menagerie of animals ranging from dogs and cats to rats and ferrets. You can usually find me outside in the fresh air with my Kindle reading while surrounded by my pack of dogs.

Kate Campbell

My second grade report card has a hand-written note on it from the librarian asking my mother to please remind me that the maximum amount of books I can check out in a week is ten. Even at that early age, I loved losing myself in a good book and discovering new words and old friends between the pages.  Fast forward to today and my shelves are sagging, my Kindle is loaded, and I’m a confessed book addict. (My city librarian is a close friend.) But the best part of my addiction is being able to share all the great books I find in my pile so my friends can put them on their must-read list!

Laura Dinsdale

I have lived in the Central San Joaquin Valley in California all my life.  I have three amazing sons at various stages of adulthood and for 24 years have been married to the man who curls my toes.  I have a MA of Arts in English from Southern New Hampshire University.  I teach for public schools full time, part time for University of Phoenix and coach 3 sports in public school.  I am an avid reader of several genres and nothing is better than curling up to read.  I also like running, walking with my husband and dogs to get yogurt.  Our family enjoys barbecuing, card and board games and going to movies.

Layne Lancaster

I’ve been a book junkie since I was knee high to a grasshopper (and if THAT doesn’t date me, I don’t know what will) From Nancy Drew to Charlotte Bronte, Victoria Holt and then in my early teens, my groovy cool aunt introduced me to books by Jacqueline Susann and Grace Metalious - I devoured them all!

My kiddos are all grown and married with children of their own, so my silver fox hubby and I are total empty nesters, residing in the Deep South. In addition to reading and nearing retirement age, I write contemporary romance under two pseudonyms, which equates to me either writing or reading pretty much all of the time. My hobbies are cooking on the weekends, watching The Food Channel, spending time with the familia and shopping.  I also love to entertain, especially around the holidays!

Amanda Hupe

I live in southern California with my husband and two children. I have my Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of California, Riverside. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and friends. I also enjoy traveling, running, hiking, watching TV and movies but my passion is reading and book collecting!  I could spend all day curled up with a good book or perusing a book store!

Jessica Samuelsen

I've been reading since I was little and started by reading stop signs. I moved on to bigger and better things and fell in love with classics like The Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, and The Secret Garden. I haven't stopped reading since. Along with being an avid reader, I am a published author of a couple of poetry books. One of my poems even got printed on a concrete sidewalk in Portland, OR. Today I love being a professional reviewer. I love helping authors bring well-deserved attention to their hard work.

Jacey Lee

Read, write, eat, sleep, and then, repeat. Natasha Lane is a born and raised Baltimorean with the heart of a book dragon. From a young age she developed a taste for fantasy, taking the lessons of the stories and their characters and applying them to her real life. However, the older she got, the more her tastes expanded and soon she was diving into historical fiction, contemporary literature, paranormal mystery, memoirs, and so much more. Like a warrior with his armor and shield, Natasha always has a side-bag on her shoulder, a book in her hand, and her nose in the book. The publishing world may change but one thing remains true: Natasha will never stop reading.

Dahlia Gosney

I am a dabbler, to put it in the most simplistic of terms, though many would just call me a busybody! I prefer to surround myself with people and activities that are enriching, challenging, and stimulate my creative senses! Native Californian and lifelong resident of the Bay Area, I am quite used to chaos and diversity! I received my Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences with a minor in biology, making me a pretty big science nerd who also has a passion for history and literature. I am the fortunate wife of a very loving man, a mother of two wonderful boys who make life a constant adventure, professional baker and cake decorator, active PTA mom, avid reader, ridiculously quirky friend, and a lover of nature, Renaissance Faires, kilts, and large margaritas. Oh…and coffee, which is, of course, the driving force behind my constant energy!  Humor, family, and a love of life, above all else, keep me sane and ready to take on the world!

Roslynn Ernst

I was never a lifelong reader. In fact reading was always a struggle for me when I was growing up due to a speech impediment along with my ADHD caused me to have difficulties reading. I didn’t start to enjoy reading until about age 14. After that it became fun and I couldn’t stop reading even when I needed a break from school, work or life in general.
I am a dancer, pianist, wife, lover, sometime scrap booker, pet mom to my crazy black lab Gemani, sister, daughter, nurse, sometime runner and a reader of all different types of books or genres.  Nursing  is my daily real life job. I’ve been married to for 16 years to the love of my life.

Hannah Hurdle

From as early as three, I have been an avid book fan to the point where I can’t go anywhere without a good book in my bag. Growing up, I was surrounded by the classics from Tom Sawyer to Jane Eyre. I would spend my days finding the quietest place to read from the old oak tree, to my mother’s closet, or the stoop on my back porch. Now I truly enjoy any form of storytelling I can get my hands on, which is why I am currently double degreeing in journalism and English. I love the way stories can take you to a different time and place where you get to meet people from all over our world but also from others. I read to feel more connected to others, and I write to tell the stories of all the people in my head.

Elissa Blabac

When I was 10, my mother was concerned that I was reading too many books about kids with terminal diseases and that I would develop some sort of complex.  In order to combat the tragic books I was consuming as fast as I could, she handed me The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss.  That began a love affair with romance novels that has stretched over 25 years.  I love to read books of all types but the middle of a romance novel really is my happy place.  When my nose isn’t buried in a book, I work as a trademark paralegal to pay the bills and enjoy being a wife and mom.  Other than reading, my favorite thing to do is to go on adventures, both big and small, with my husband and son.

Audiobook Reviewers:

TJ Richards

Born a military brat into an Air Force family, I attended Randolph Macon Academy and the Virginia Military Institute before joining the US Air Force to travel the world and serve my country.  After 2 tours in the Middle East I left the Air Force and settled down in England, where I married my beautiful wife and began work in corporate security management.  My time is divided between various projects –renovating our house, hiking, co-chairing a national employee network, narrating my own audiobooks and now reviewing audiobooks as well.  If you had told me when I was kid that I could be a grown-up and get paid to read books, I would have spent less time trying to figure out calculus!   I am unashamedly the woman who will stay up until 2am to finish a book because I can’t sleep until I know what happens, even if I have a 9am meeting the next day.  I have low impulse control so once I have a book in my hands (or an audiobook in my ears) I’m unlikely to put it down until I finish it! I’m a huge fan of fiction; anything from epic fantasy to sci fi, horror to romance.  I also have a special spot in my heart for LGBT fiction because I strongly believe in representation for our community, and seeing a few “happily ever afters” here and there is a rather lovely feeling!”

Misty Walker

I'm a wife and mom of 2, trying not to grow webbed feet in the Pacifc North West Navy town of Bremerton, WA.  I rediscovered my love of reading after having kids, but soon realized that I don't have the time to sit and read a book as much as I would like. That was when audiobooks came into my life. I, very quickly, became so immersed in the book world and the audiobook world where I began reviewing and blogging about audiobooks which led to proofing audiobooks and now writing reviews for InD'tale!
During the winter months, I knit, crochet, sew and cross stitch. During the summer months, my family and I are in our travel trailer exploring the beautiful, if not soggy, PNW. All with my earbuds in, of course.