Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Manhattan Lockdown

CNF:  "Manhattan Lockdown" was not reviewed due to certain scenes that are not reviewable by InD'tale. 

Michael Sawyer

Hook, Line, Murder

Detective Steve Morgan finds a body in the water when out fishing.

Cash Valley
Mr. Ryan K.

Agent Travis of the FBI is green and looking to prove himself. When he gets an anonymous tip about the long-standing cold case for the Cache County Bank robbery, he can’t resist checking it out, despite the potential dangers it poses.

Reporter Julie Crenshaw is trying to put the rest of her family’s life back together after her husband and unborn baby were killed in a tragic car accident.

Maggi Andersen,
Adam Frost

Being a twin was a blessing growing up, but Angeline Martin fled to Hong Kong after her twin married Angeline’s own ex-boyfriend.