Reviews - Contemporary


Yara Bujold is in the process of suing her seedy and sinister manager Marcus Kaine in an attempt to get out of her one-sided contract. 

The Warm Up

Suji Meriwether is trying to get over a bad break up. Three months after she and her long-term boyfriend broke it off, she has tossed his stuff out and moved into a new apartment. Still, she can’t shake the dark cloud looming over her. That is, until she meets Constantine Zimin, a man that makes her go hot in all the right places. The only problem? Well, he’s not who she thinks he is.

Michelle Collins, a primary school teacher and animal rights activist, makes the mistake of entering the men’s restroom at a holiday party. She bumps into a stranger who gives her a toe-curling kiss under the mistletoe. While the stranger could have been a potential Mr.

Caught Looking

Ryan Walker has had a passion for baseball his entire life. He has been fortunate to have a great professional career. After a shocking scandal forces him to lay down his bat and glove, Ryan leaves Los Angeles for the sleepy town of West Lake, Minnesota. He is not looking for complications, but that changes when he meets and forms a fast friendship with his new neighbor, Frankie.

A Bend in the Willow

After setting fire to her rapist, Robin Lee Carter ran away from Willowood, Kentucky in 1965 and never looked back. Twenty years later, she is living as Catherine Henry in Tucson, Arizona. When her 5-year-old son is diagnosed with leukemia, neither Catherine nor her husband is a match.