Reviews - Contemporary

Jordan Burke is a billionaire — and a workaholic. He spends his days at the office, suppressing the hurt and pain from the death of his parents. He narrowly escapes being mugged when a stray puppy comes to his rescue. He takes the puppy to the animal shelter, where he meets Madison. There is an immediate attraction. After some thought, Jordan decides to adopt the puppy, Roxie.

Saving Mistletoe

Attorney Ellen Meade is having a bad day. She walks headfirst into a police horse and rider and does it again later that same day. Each time the rider, Officer Burke Tipton, is not thrilled, but he cannot get her whisky eyes out of his mind. Six months later, Ellen’s cousin sets her up on a blind date. She is surprised and pleased to find Burke as her date.

Diamond in the Rough

WOMEN'S FICTION/HUMOR:  Kathy Taylor’s Aunt Catherine has just died and left Kathy a million dollars, with just one stipulation: she must lose fifty pounds in six months. Her aunt's lawyer, Devon York, has a dress that Kathy must wear to present the Dubois Charity award at Christmas. If the dress fits, the money is hers.

Someone Like You

Noah has just left the military to go to New York to get close to his daughter after his wife has moved on to another man. Noah goes to work for his sister’s interior decorating company which is hired to redecorate Grace’s suite, yet sparks fly between her and Noah. Grace battles with her extremely wealthy family, who want her to do as she’s told.

Their Christmas Miracle

Tracy and Hunter work well together. Hunter owns a small restaurant in Charity, Montana, while Tracy makes pies out of his kitchen when not working at the hospital. Their business relationship grows when they are asked to cater a wedding together. There is just one problem, Tracy and Hunter have a thing for each other, but don’t know the other feels the same way.