Reviews - Contemporary

Gabriella Charbonnet is a driven pastry chef and the sister of an NHL player who protects her fiercely. Having survived an abusive childhood at the hands of her NHL stepfather, Gabriella has made herself one rule in life: no dating hockey players! She knows they are not all violent, but she is not willing to take that chance.

Ford Montgomery is hunting the person who killed his parents. The arsonist has eluded him so far, but he is positive that he will bring him to justice. Once this is accomplished, Ford plans to get his life back on track. When Ford rescues Megan Marshal from a burning building, their lives are entwined once more.

Coastal Vines Winery is on the brink of financial failure.  As a small vineyard and winery in a sleepy summer tourist town in Maine, business is seasonal at best. The Le Blancs want the winery to be solidly in the black before they turn it over to their daughter, Alexis.


New Zealand businessman Daniel Calder is with Ana Grace in her third-floor office when the floors and walls start shaking and crumbling around them. When the shaking stops, Daniel takes things in hand, devising a plan to escape the collapsed building. Panicked, Ana wants to get to her children right away and must use Daniel to help her.

Five Minutes to Love

After growing up with a father who values his career more than his family, Aviva wants a mate who will value her. She has had enough of dating though her roommates are determined to find her perfect match. Jacob Black doesn’t have time for relationship. As a law student, his focus is finishing school and making a name, and money, for himself at a top-ranked law firm.