Reviews - Contemporary

Last Words
Shari J.

Amelia is torn from her home and brought into a concentration camp. In the depths of cruelty, she finds unexpected compassion. Decades later Amelia asks her granddaughter Emma to read her diary to tell a story kept quiet until now. She is fighting for her life and wants Emma to know what she has been hiding all this time.

Emile Giroux never wants to be the monster his stepfather was. As a result, when the charming and highly successful NHL goalie comes across a pretty woman clearly in trouble outside his friend’s shop, he feels it is only natural to lend a hand.

Brooke Roberts was on her way to Seattle when a storm blew her into the town of Romance. Taken in by the caring community, she decides to settle down and open a glass blowing studio.  Determined to take part in her new community, she participates in the fall festival to fundraise for the local animal rescue and comes face to face with the handsome and reliable Blayne Grundy.

It Happened at the Park
Ryan Jo

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Cassidy Grant likes dogs just fine — in theory.  However, when her sister dies and leaves the city planner with strict instructions to take in and care for her precious pooches, Cassidy swallows her grief and does as instructed, starting with taking them to the dog park.

Too Damn Nice

At 18, Lizzie is headed for L.A. to start an exciting modeling career. Her only regret is leaving Nick behind without telling him she is in love with him. Nick is her brother’s life-long best friend who has always been around, first as an honorary brother, then a friend, but now she has stronger feelings for him.