Reviews - Contemporary

Jane Rochester’s temp agency has a reputation for excellence and professionalism. When she is asked to fill in at a Fortune 500 company, she eagerly embraces the opportunity to increase her standing in the business community. However, her professionalism is challenged when she meets Lincoln Chandler.

Kelly Anne moved away from her home in Crawford Falls seven years ago. The time has come for her to return home and face the ex-boyfriend she left behind as well as the many friends she loves dearly. Returning with a secret that could possibly rip their worlds apart, Kelly Anne tries to mend fences.

Sticks and Stones

Reese Kennedy has many secrets, including her name. When she is invited to a high school reunion, she decides to hire an escort to go with her, hiring Hunter to act to be her fake fiancé.

Working on ski patrol is difficult when you're a woman. Sophie Tremore knows this all too well, it's what she has to put up with. Making it even more difficult is that her ex-boyfriend is also her boss. Max Demford has done everything he can to avoid working directly with Sophie. He knows how dangerous ski patrol is and doesn't want to lose anyone else.

Tildy McVee has a special gift. It has helped her many times but also makes things confusing — and sometimes scary. When her family moves to Adelaide, Tildy is sure that the move is a positive step. Haunted in her dreams, her mother seems to have a lot of worry. The move is meant to be a good thing, and yet there is something bothering her mother and Tildy cannot figure out what it is.