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From the very second we met Roxanne (or Rocky, as she prefers) we knew it was going to be a great day.  She is instantly warm and friendly, laughing often and making everyone near her feel as if they are old friends.  In fact we had so much fun visiting with her that when it came time to edit the

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Comments or complaints I often hear from new or aspiring writers: My family doesn’t support me; My husband thinks this is stupid; My husband won’t help; My husband insists I get a pen name because he’s embarrassed.

June is Audiobooks Month! Say what? If you haven’t thought about or listened to audiobooks, you may not realize that the audiobook industry is thriving and growing larger each day.

The title “The Rules of Medieval Sex” refers to sex in the Middle Ages, nothing kinkier than that, so get your head out of the gutter, and join me on an innocent frolic through attitudes about sex in the 800’s, Charlemagne’s Empire.

Did you see “Edge of Tomorrow”, the movie with Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise? Emily Blunt has had some pretty amazing roles, but this one was gritty, edgy, and a whole lot of kick-A! I was impressed. Especially because it was a great example of a Diva archetype. Oh, BTW, don’t ever call them that.

As a publishing professional, I am privileged to work with authors in various stages of their careers; from fresh-faced newbies to battle-hardened veterans.

This month the Grants have embarked on another adventure, and as it has been consuming virtually ALL of my time, attention, energy, and imagination, I wanted to share it with all of you.

Isbeth scoured her mind for something to say, anything that would stop Roman from opening his mouth. She didn’t want Ashfield to hear the lies that would follow if Roman got the chance to speak.


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