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What was my first impression of Donna Grant?  A little bundle of beautiful!  She is tiny yet exudes an energy that is impossible not to notice.  And, she hadn’t straightened her hair the day we got together so it curled in lovely, shiny corkscrews  (a sure-fire plus in my book!

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The girl next door. When anyone says that, your mind automatically conjures up a picture of someone, doesn’t it? I always think of Sandra Bullock. For example, take “While You Were Sleeping”.

One of the greatest challenges facing an indie author is finding his/her audience. Without the advantage of having shelf space in a bookstore, how do you get your book in front of potential readers?

You know that expression, "Never say never"?  I've been trying to keep that in mind in relation to romance for years now.  I've been a voracious reader since I was a kid, and as far as romances go?  Almost 30 years of experience with virtually every subgenre (if this column was a resume), and som

Y’all are expecting me to cuss, right? I fully admit to having a potty mouth, but I’m willing to bet writers who are reading this have their own f-bomb moments when writing the thing every author loathes: The blurb. Yep, that’s the dirty word of the day.

When I was young, my mother took myself and my four siblings to the doctor. It was a monumental undertaking, something she didn’t take on lightly. We were all threatened within an inch of our lives--the threat?

In last month’s InD’ear column, we looked at the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) as a matchmaking site between authors and narrators. This month, we’ll continue the ACX process, from casting the narrator you love to living happily ever after with your completed audiobook.

“Justin Marx is alive,” Ma said. I dropped a container of lacrosse balls and didn’t scramble to pick them up as they scattered across the garage floor. “Wait, he’s alive? Where? We need to get him.” “He’s with his grandma,” she said. “Just like I thought.”


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