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This wonderful lady has been a friend since inception - both of ours!  She was a new author, submitting, we were a new magazine, accepting.  We met personally at a Chicago conference soon after where I found her to be just as sweet, bubbly and kind as I had imagined.  That’s why watching her star

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I love the sea. In particular, I like it when it is me and the sea only, like when I’m standing on an isolated cliff-top and before me spreads a vastness of blues and greens, here and there dotted with frothy caps of white.

There’s been another scandal in Romanceland. I won’t name names or point fingers, but one phrase stuck with me: “I should’ve read my contract better!”

You know how every few months or so a song comes out that, whether you like it or not (and it's usually NOT), once you've heard it you can't get it out of your head?

Through this series of articles, Laura Harner and Kymber Morgan invite you to join on a journey of fun, trials, tribulations and the odd giggle-inducing antic as they co-author a book from inception to publication from two different countries ‘on camera’.

“Madam Fores!” Master Ashfield’s baritone blasted through the room.The matron grabbed Isbeth and tried to drag her toward the door. Isbeth resisted while trying to pry Madam Fores’ fingers free of her arm.

The most amazing thing has just happened! Your excitement reaches higher than the peak of Mount Everest.

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