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ROBYN PETERMAN: I originally met Robyn a few years ago at an intimate meet-n-greet. I was the founder of a small, up-and-coming magazine, she was the big-name actress turned author everyone was gushing about. Needless to say, I was a bit intimidated.

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Smashwords CEO Mark Coker’s business depends on being able to determine the ups and downs, the changes and the successes in the publishing market.  As a result, he has become surprisingly adept, and often prophetically correct, at gauging what the future holds in this ever-changing industry.

First, tell us about Newfoundland!  Were you born and raised there or have you transplanted from somewhere else? If so from where? Newfoundland is the island portion of the most easterly Canadian province of Labrador. In fact, it’s the most easterly location in North America.

I think that's what most people try to do every January at the changing of the year. We pledge to change our lifestyle to be a better, thinner, smarter version of ourselves all because the calendar changes to a new year.

Baby boomers are influencing almost every facet of our economy—including publishing. Readers tend to fall for heroes or heroines whose trials and triumphs reflect their own. And so, the logic would follow that Romance writers—and publishers in general—would want to, uh, tap that, right?

I think I was in love with Romance from a very young age. I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house as a child. Sure, she played the usual Disney cartoons (Chip and Dale were my favorite), Tom and Jerry, and the Roadrunner, but at some point, I graduated on to…*sing-songy voice* musicals!

The alarm goes off at 4:30 am. I drag myself up through the darkness and down to the coffee pot. First caffeine, then work.

June didn’t want to open her eyes, even though she knew the morning was nearly over, judging by the light filling the Maui bungalow bedroom. Lance had kissed her last night . . . thoroughly. And it had been their first date.


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