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Everyone knows how popular courtroom drama can be on television, but to read?  Well, never underestimate the thrillers this Courtroom Queen can deliver!  With twists and turns no one can ever guess, Rebecca Forster is a genius of the genre.  But what is she like in person?  One word - AWESOME!  W

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When you think of “clean reads,” do you immediately picture a handsome knight rescuing a gorgeous damsel, placing her gracefully atop his snowy white steed, and trotting off to their standing-room-only wedding by the sea?

A story is simple. Writing one is not. I work as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, collaborating with authors to adapt their books into television pilots and feature film screenplays. My fellow screenwriters label me a book snob, while most authors I work with call me an evil bastard.

Whether you’re old at heart like me, and go into the reference section of the library every year to check the latest edition of “The Writer’s Market,” or whether you’re a normal person and find sources online, an important part of the writing process is figuring out appropriate places to submit y

With that dreaded word (and date) creeping up for U.S. citizens, and my overseas friends no doubt sick of hearing us moan and bitch about the tax man, I thought this month’s column would be about the tax business of writing. Now full disclosure: I am terrible with numbers.

Have you ever found a particular storyline in a romance (I call it a "trope")  that struck such a chord in you that you couldn't stop reading them?  I've been in that groove for a few weeks now, and it's all about the best friend romance.   I don't know what it is about these books, but for this

A farm boy born and raised in Ohio, Ryan started in the fashion modeling industry right out out of high school. By the age of 23 he had modeled for countless advertisements and print campaigns throughout Europe and the US.

“No.” The single word shattered the silence caused by Melly’s announcement that they were leaving Doctor Melbourne’s employ posthaste. She’d expected a bit of resistance from her sisters but it wasn’t one of their voices that broke the silence. All eyes turned to Melbourne, mouths snapping shut.

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