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I must admit, going into an interview with Eloisa James can be a bit intimidating. Her intellectual resume (BA from Harvard, M.Phil. from Oxford, Ph.D.

Anyone who has been in this industry for any length of time has heard of publishing agents.  They’ve served as a staple and necessary go-between in the traditional world for decades but what do they have to offer Independent publishing?  We decided to ask and who better to answer than the best in

Featured Articles

I have come to believe that a sense of humor, like fine wine, gets better with age.  Perhaps it is with the wisdom of life experience that we become better able to laugh at ourselves (or at others, depending what type of humor you enjoy).

I believe the answer to this question is “people” – human beings. People can often be at their funniest when they’re not trying to be funny at all. Most people believe they are unique.

The last few months have brought a new level of entertainment to the publishing industry where people focus more on the scandals involving authors, reviewers, readers or publishing houses rather than the glue that holds us all together: books.

Each year it seems the holiday season begins earlier and earlier. Complaints about holiday excesses and longings for ‘simpler’ and ‘old fashioned’ holiday celebrations abound. But what exactly does an ‘old fashioned Christmas’ really look like?

Through this series of articles, Laura Harner and Kymber Morgan invite you to join on a journey of fun, trials, tribulations and the odd giggle-inducing antic as they co-author a book from inception to publication from two different countries ‘on camera’.  When last we caught up with our adventur

“The great Earl of Dentin, former Securer of the Realm, eyed Isbeth and declared, “You will do nicely.” “Do what?” Isbeth stared at the man in confusion. She stood at his kitchen table in a half soaked state with slowly thawing feet.

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