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TIFFANY SNOW: Have you ever had a friend who is just kind to the bone?  Who is sensitive, supportive, thoughtful and just plain... well, good? If you have, then you already know Tiffany Snow. Since I first met her a few years ago, every single time I have seen her, she has greeted me with a hug, a smile and a genuine warmth and concern that few have ever surpassed.

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You feel ready. This night has been on your mind for quite a while. The typical fears, nervousness, and problematic stomach issues are going full force. In a way it's like the first time again. New things tend to make you uneasy. You've never spent the night with this type before.

I think everyone is curious as to what it would be like growing up in the suburbs of New York City!  Tell us about it. "I feel lucky to have grown up so close to New York City, with all of the vibrancy and energy less than an hour away.

So, what exactly is fantasy? The main ingredient in this wildly popular genre is escapism. Don’t we all sometimes dream of escape from the dreary routine of our everyday lives? Most of us try to take a holiday every year and go somewhere completely different from our normal habitat.

The transition from using a pen in forming beautiful calligraphic letters to using a keyboard in composing a beautiful story is not as difficult as one might imagine. Not because they aren’t entirely different endeavors, but because the desired effects are, in many respects, the same.

“Oh, wow, you’re an author? That’s so cool! What do you write? Where can I get it?”I still love hearing those words, it’s just the ones that invariably follow that leave me sighing. “So, you’re like, famous? How many books have you sold?”

I gratefully held the author’s payment in my hands and reflected on the most difficult and, at times, the most unpleasant narration project I’d ever completed. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

It looks like you’re going to get use out of the dress you just bought,” Sydney said, and Maria laughed. June ignored her best friends’ quips. Lance had sent her flowers, and his note invited her to the Maui resort’s bon fire that evening.


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