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Although all authors incorporate some of themselves in their stories, few pop out as feisty and fun as the characters they write like Gemma Halliday.  If you have read her books, you can rest assured that you know a little about what the author is like in true life!  And, even though her characte

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Steamy romance makes up a very popular and lucrative genre in the literary world and I’m curious about how a narrator handles the subject matter.

Mature women are fighting an image problem. We’re all aware of the concept of “Hollywood Old”, but there’s also “Romance Fiction Old.” Hi, I’m Sandra. I’m a Romance reader, a Romance author, and a Romance scholar.

You are so excited, your favorite author just released a new book in a brand new series! There really is no thrill for a book lover that tops this one. When this happens we click ‘Buy’ without a second thought.

This time of year many things happen. The summer sun starts to cool to more reasonable levels as the blazing heat fades away. You can leave the windows open and not worry about your face melting off from blast furnace outside invading your house.

Sure, the book is only three, or four, or $5.99…but a lot of $5.99s really add up!  Am I right? Your investment in a book isn’t limited to the amount of money you spend.

For the first time since I entered the world of publishing some four years ago, I am sitting down to pen a romance novel.Through my previous works in the exciting realms of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and young adult, I have lived many lives with many different characters.

The sunset splashed orange and pink across the Maui sky as June sat next to Lance. She couldn’t believe she’d spent the whole day with this guy who she’d just met on vacation. When June first saw who was staying in the neighboring bungalow, she had no idea she’d be spending time with him.


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