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At first glance the story of Shelly Crane’s rise to fame is an almost unbelievable one - Young girl who never liked to read, but bored on the nights her husband is away, starts writing stories to pass the time.  Suddenly those stories hit it big, fame, movie deals and fortune descend.  But if one

After 12 months of planning, working, scheduling, promoting and polishing, InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference was finally a reality! And what fun we had!


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Indie audiobook publishing, where you produce your audiobook and receive royalties on sales, follows the same format as Internet dating. You register on a site and create an intriguing profile, hoping to attract Mr. or Ms. Right for a long-term relationship.

 He made the fedora and the Rat Pack class sexy again. And those sapphire eyes? And that alluring self-assured smile? Oh, and that captivating strut? Whoa, momma! You know who I’m talking about—Matt Bomer in “White Collar”.

When my sister was getting married, we found her the perfect dress. It was exquisite, elegant, and unsurprisingly, expensive. Being of the digital age, we found the same dress for about 10% of the cost and felt pretty darned proud of ourselves for outthinking the greedy wedding dress vendor.

When the twin towers fell in New York on 9/11, an historian friend, who watched with me in horror, said, “This isn’t Pearl Harbor, it’s the Barbary Wars.” Since then many commentators have been quick to compare militant jihadists to the Barbary pirates.

I’m a reader…a writer…but definitely not an arithmaticker. Numbers make me shudder. They tend to lurk in the boring part of my brain.

Bill Marx was murdered?  “What?” I asked, because certainly I’d miss understood. Aaron would have told me that when he briefed me on the family and Justin’s disappearance. “That can’t be.”Bill nodded. “I’m afraid it can,” he said, spreading his arms out to show me. “See?


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