Reviews - Contemporary

Grant Perry and Liz Teeney were once each other's happily ever after. Ten years later they are thrown together on a big case and fate provides them with a second chance — driving them back to River Valley, where secrets and family mysteries await, some of which could change their lives forever.  "Riverstorm" brings love, mystery, and a little danger together. 

Settling for More

WOMEN'S FICTION:  What’s not to love about growing older? Sandra and Marshall Campion are at that stage where they can enjoy life and their empty nest. Their three children are making their way in life, although sadly, Maddie, their middle child hasn’t been seen in a few years. Shockingly, Maddie shows up at their door with a four-year-old daughter, a grandchild they knew nothing about.

Pitted against his half-brother Raul for control of their wealthy father’s hotel empire, Luis Serrano reluctantly accepts the lobby redesign task assigned him for the popular family Caribbean resort.  The elder Serrano cleverly divides duties to see which son comes in on time and on budget.

Holiday Fling

Monica McHenry is suffering — but it is not just physical pain. Living through the car accident was one thing: a little girl died, Monica was scarred forever, lost her professional baseball career and her fiancé, but the emotional hurt is worse.

Sara is late to work again and her favorite local coffee house is now closed for renovations. Now what? She cannot possibly face the evil boss she works for without her morning jolt. She locates another coffee shop on her way and on her way in makes a stumbling fool of herself. Then she sees the most beautiful set of olive-colored eyes. Whoa! Heart-stopping electricity passes over Sara.