Reviews - Contemporary

Free Leaf Concepts in Little Rock, Arkansas, has offered Kay Bing a top management position. She is a talented designer and this job will certainly boost her career. She accepts and quickly learns the dynamics of the team members she’s to work with. Her assistant, Oliver, is handsome, in a distracting way, but she has a job to do.

Caught Between Two Worlds

Finally, Veronica is on a plane that will take her to Egypt. She's been looking forward to this trip — unfortunately, Peter, her boyfriend of five years, is much less excited to see the sand, the Red Sea and feel the heat of the desert. Peter’s attitude is not going to ruin her trip, so she makes plans for a sunset horseback ride alone.

Kate is dealing with an abusive husband who constantly berates her, so when he dies in a house fire she feels mostly relieved. A year and a half later, she is ready to date again and signs up with a professional matchmaking company. In a twist of fate, her first date ends up being the fireman who informed her she was a widow that fateful night.


Social outcast and nerdy software mogul Xavier Gaines is on the verge of securing a huge government contract, which would net his company mega bucks. To help with his public image he enlists the talent of media relations expert Peyton Smoke. During the interview, Peyton realizes she knows Xavier from high school.

Rose Richardson assumes a new identity and moves to a rural town in Connecticut to escape her ex-husband’s attempts to frame her for a crime he committed. With the FBI delving into the case, Rose, aka Emma Morris, unwittingly rents a house occupied by a  curmudgeonly owner who is trying to make the deadline on his next book.