Reviews - Contemporary

The Baby Jazz

“The Baby Jazz” is the story of Jasmine and her father Gregory.  Jazz’s mother leaves them and doesn’t make any appearance in their lives throughout the book, which consists of Jazz’s first 2 ½ years.  Gregory faces the trials that come with raising his infant daughter alone, losing a job in Hollywood, and moving to Greece all while navigating the challenges of new parenthood including the terr

When Sheriff Cash Hill’s wife, Georgia, died, it was the discovery that she was leaving him for a man that shook him and stole his trust in women. Despite leaving Texas with regrets, Holly Jensen has returned, albeit to work as a vet.  But Holly knows secrets about Georgia that could destroy Cash’s family and Cash has made it clear he wants nothing to do with her.

Ballet dancer Sarah Cooper is on the run from an insane stalker. She has had to leave everything she holds dear to her heart: her career, her apartment, and her family. Love is the last thing on her mind as she hides from her stalker, posing as a ranch hand at a horse ranch. Former Navy SEAL Bruce Murphy is a rough, standoffish and silent type of man.

From the moment fourteen-year-old Nick sets his eyes on Jessica Schultz, the new girl at school, he knows that she is the girl he will marry. Their easy friendship quickly develops into a high school romance even though her father fights it from the beginning. Nick’s family has ties to the mob and, living in Bensonhurst, New York, that is the last thing Mr. Schultz wants near his daughter.

House Divided

Erin is a Democrat. Jack is a Republican. They get on great together at home and work well together, however when they are at work, it is a completely different story. Election Day sees Erin losing her job while Jack becomes the rising star of the TV network. The strain starts to show itself at home and they cannot seem to maintain the difference they once had.