Reviews - Contemporary

Georgie Daniels is content to remain secluded in her cottage near her father's lighthouse. With the bank repossessing her home and putting it up for auction soon, however, her days of hiding are numbered. Colby Ford moves to Salt Cliffs after retiring from the Navy, and is searching for the perfect location for his sailing school.

Running Gwel Teg, the family hotel, has worn Ellie Truman’s mom down. When she is hospitalized, Ellie puts her own work and dreams on hold to help. Unfortunately, since her father’s death two years prior, the hotel has been in decline, and bringing it back will take more money than either Ellie or her mother can afford.

In the Moment

Cassie Edwards has finally found a home. She has purchased the 1870s Victorian mansion that once belonged to the only foster mother she felt cared about her, and she is  determined to restore the building to its former glory.

The Gift of Goodbye
M. Kay

Anna Louise Armstrong dreams of becoming a professional pianist. After years of abuse from her mother, she is finally free to live in New York and learn to play. Life in New York leads to one opportunity after another — from becoming friends with budding newspaperman Chase Monroe, to being hired by Mr.

Acting Married (Married #5)
Victorine E.

Tara McDermott will do anything to take care of her daughter Kylee — even if it means cleaning house for Hollywood actor and bad boy Rick Shade. However, agreeing to marry Rick to clean up his reputation is going too far, right?