Reviews - Contemporary

Garrett Tucker was practically raised by his grandfather. When he gets the call that his grandfather, the “Prince of Vegas,” has died, he immediately takes over his grandfather’s last venture, a rundown casino in Biloxi.

President Darcy

President William Darcy has no interest in dating while in office. Unfortunately, as someone both wealthy and in power, dissuading women from trying, has become almost automatic. However, when a chance encounter in a back hallway causes Darcy and Elizabeth to collide, nothing will ever be the same for either of them.

The Things We Don’t Say
Roberta R.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Lilia Bennett-Parker is a talented young musician who’s just been offered the opportunity of a life-time: a chance to play cello for a Californian symphony orchestra. Taking the chance means leaving behind not only graduate school and her cozy Boston apartment, but the love of her life as well. True love can survive distance…Right?

The Party Crasher

Event Planner Kit O’Hare is trying to prove to her father, her new boss, and herself that she’s more than just the party girl she used to be. But when an unfortunate accident while playing the Easter bunny lands her, not only on the hottest guy at the town’s Easter celebration, but in the celebration cake in front of the mayor and his wife as well, she can kiss her career plans goodbye.

Risking it

Jane the librarian is given a challenge by her best friend Claire. She’s taking time off work and taking a road trip north through the sights and scenes of Florida and ending in Atlanta. She is to document her trip in a journal and include photos to prove she’s hit all the allocated spots.