Reviews - Contemporary

Tiba has always loved Max but when he chose Gemma, she kept her feelings secret. Years later, after an abusive marriage, Tiba finds herself once again in Max’s circle. However, this time Max is not with Gemma. As far as Tiba knows, Max still pines for Gemma until one night a secret kiss gives her hope that Max may finally be ready to move on — with her.

Bryce “Ripper” Knight is a man  used to getting what he wants, doing as he pleases and having no questions asked. That was the case at least, until he met Em, and then nothing was ever the same. She was a woman used to the biker lifestyle, a woman not afraid to stand up on her own two feet.

A Light in the Dark

After playing his last concert, Bailey Honeycutt knew there was more to life than being in a band. When he enrolled in college at the University of Oxford it was to find himself, fulfill a dream he had been putting on hold, and be someone other than simply a guitarist. Brie Freeman meets Bailey in the park, and their meeting goes badly.

Better Together

An unlikely romance set at a rural tree farm that sounds like one of the most romantic spots on earth. Too bad that Harper Bright, a homebody and nutritionist, would have preferred her research position over the summer over helping on the tree farm with her best friend, Wyatt Fernandez. 

Collin Langley’s family has owned their acres of farmland for generations…until JoLeigh Jackson shows up with a lawsuit claiming that her family rightfully owns half the land. Longtime enemies, the Langley and Jackson families have never seen eye to eye and have feuded for decades.