Reviews - Contemporary

Lorelei is a dedicated employee with a private family law firm. She has been working tirelessly and has much success with her cases. Surely, her boss, Henry Hale will notice and put her name in the hat for partner? With the holidays coming all Henry wants to do is work through them, but he is hosting the festivities this year and can’t let his family down.

The Ice Cream Man (Chronicles #2)
Rick Johnson,
Natalie Adler

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Ted enjoys having his own business — working for himself, driving an ice cream truck — but he must admit his personal life is lacking.

Mick Donovan’s past taught him to keep people at arm’s length. Yet one fateful night, he finds himself volunteering to look after a little lost boy — and fighting his strong, sudden attraction to the beautiful tough-as-nails prosecutor who wants to send that same little boy away.

Chasing Dreams

After his wife abandoned him and their daughter, Tanner Ross has decided to never fall in love again. Running a teen center and focusing on his eight-year old daughter has completely taken over his life. Izzy Harper is a professional ballerina who suffered a career-ending injury and has returned home to the small town of Cedar Hill to open her own dance studio.

Making Him Wild

Talia Callaway has landed a new job at TAME Technology as an app coder. What truly catches her eye at this new job, however, is her coworker, playboy Grady McMahan. They innocently flirt during the day, and she dreams of him in the evenings. Having been through a terrible previous engagement, Talia is extremely cautious. When Grady invites her on a night out, Talia gingerly accepts.