Reviews - Contemporary

Gabe Lewis is a retired NFL football player who really enjoys giving back. His dream is now a reality — he has been able to create a football summer camp. Gabe’s cousins come every year at this time to help spruce things up, getting ready for the kids and counselors before they arrive; it is their annual get together. A woman arrives at camp a week early, and alone to boot.

Natalie is a widow, raising her teenage daughter alone after the death of her husband, Jackson, a famous and talented New Zealand rugby player. His untimely death 5 years ago is a touchy subject, especially when his best mate Isaac is around. Natalie has a great group of supportive friends that assists with balance in her life.

Don’t Toy With Me

After quitting her job instead of standing up to her boss, Jordan Wright’s car is about to become repossessed.  She needs a job, like yesterday, so when her aunt suggests she enter a beauty pageant, Jordan feels she has nothing to lose.  Turns out Bart Underwood is not holding a pageant, he’s looking for reality show contestants.

Juliet and her five-year-old son Charlie move into the house she inherited from her aunt shortly after a painful divorce.  Her hopes are high for a better life for her and Charlie after the trauma of her marriage.  However, her first meeting with her next-door neighbor doesn’t go too well, when Charlie throws a soccer ball through his greenhouse and she sets their fence on fire.  To her surpris

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Cassie Dunhill has had her life planned out since she was young. She and her two best friends, Paige and Marissa, make a pact on the beach that their next date will be the man they marry. Cassie has been avoiding Parker Hamilton for six months, but in her heart he’s THE ONE, and she finally accepts his invitation to an evening out.