Reviews - Contemporary

Cassidy will never forgive her ex-boyfriend — he used her then abandoned her for Hollywood fame. She’s determined to forget about love and pursue her own dreams this time, starting with her cupcake shop. When  Jase, an actor friend of her former love, turns up at her family’s ranch to research an upcoming role, she takes an immediate dislike to the guy.

Rachel has dreamed of attending film school for a very long time, and has until the end of the summer to raise the $35,000 tuition to the Toronto Film School. When she lands a job at a resort catering to Hollywood stars, she has hit the jackpot.  She can take candid shots of the stars while she is working and sell them to earn her tuition!

The Dating Bender

CHICK-LIT:  Samantha Serrano is marrying her best friend, the one and only man who can rescue her from her loony and unbalanced family. Her dad shows up drunk and Sam pretty much walks HIM down the aisle. She was raised a good Catholic girl and has always tried to please her parents, but she always seems to end up a total and utter disaster in their eyes.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Mamie Weber takes a much-needed trip to Italy to begin living again after losing her husband and daughter in a car accident.

The Year I Dated the Internet
Stacy Lynn

Chelsea Wilson has spent the last year wallowing in heartache. She finally decides that enough is enough and sets a goal for herself:  marriage by the end of the year. She is turning 30 and is feeling the pressure to find someone.