Reviews - Contemporary


Carly Mitchell returns home to her small town on the Yorkshire moors just in time for the New Year. She has several apologies to make —she fled abruptly, leaving her bridegroom and friends wondering what the hell was going on. What starts as a short visit soon changes, however, as Carly agrees to stay a little longer.

Brad Thomas’ racing team needs a new driver and much to his dismay, the boss chooses Gabrielle Marquez. Gabrielle was the cause of a crash ten years before that killed Brad's best friend and caused him severe injuries, ending his racing career.

Catrina Turner has left the Ontario Police Force’s Marine Division seeking the solitude and quiet life offered by isolated Lake Muskoka.  Though she barely admits it to herself, she is running from the past.

Liv Morozov is broken inside. After being physically attacked and dropping out of college, she finds dating complicated and intimacy nearly impossible. When an invitation to Cupid’s Café arrives, she is very apprehensive until she sees her brother’s long-lost best friend Zane Parata. Her first and only love, Zane is also awaiting a date after receiving a mysterious invite to the café.

Lizzie York has had a rough few years after being permanently injured in a car accident and becoming fully dependent on her elder brother. She wishes to regain some of her independence and signs a teaching contract at a new school in town, and moves into an on-campus cottage. Suddenly, her brother’s old schoolmate, Peter Barrington, shows up in town and they feel an instant connection.