Reviews - Contemporary

In Tune Out of Sync

Ronnie’s ultimate goal is to play violin for the New York Philharmonic and she will not let anything get in the way of her goals — not even her dyslexia.  Scott cannot control the tics brought on by Tourette’s Syndrome, except when he begins to play his violin and the music sweeps him away.  After an audition for a local orchestra lands Ronnie in second chair to Scott’s first, she is even more

Maddox Colt has spent the past months drowning his pain in alcohol and bad choices, putting his life and his music career at risk. The label for Graffiti, his band, is fed up with the bad press and issues an ultimatum: add a new band member or find a new label.  Maddox hates the idea and is determined to find a way out, until he hears Sailor Blue sing.

Once in a Lifetime
Kathryn R.

CHICK-LIT:  Ten years ago, five very different women formed a singing group known as the Sassy Cats.  Although they enjoyed great success and hit the top of the charts, one of the five broke ranks and walked away. Each woman — Mandy, Tabitha, Callie, Angie and Daphne — had her own part to play in the group's breakup, and it did not end well.

Sabrina is heartbroken when the man of her dreams, hunky archaeologist Nikos Soulis, unexpectedly leaves Houston to return to his home in Athens. She learns that a serious matter involving stolen jewels and his missing brother sent Nikos scrambling to return home.

When Isadora Patras’ mother dies, her father abandons his children to the care of the staff at Folsom Mansion, and she is forced to pick up the pieces and play the role of a parent for her two younger siblings. After having spent years caring for them, she is left with few friends and a rather lonely existence.