Reviews - Contemporary

Lila is a private investigator with a sexy boyfriend named Cade. Lila, Cade and her children head to Hawaii to meet Cade’s parents. Cade’s parents are very laid back, but that doesn’t stop Lila from finding herself in some truly embarrassing moments. She really wants to make a good impression with Cade’s family. She soon overhears Cade’s younger sister talking.

It was a summer love affair that ended abruptly, leaving Adrianna bearing the brunt of the consequences and the heartache all alone — until fate and destiny stage an intervention.  Cameron Blake returns home on the heels of his successful sports career, and immediately upends Adrianna’s carefully constructed life.

The Dead Still Here

“The Dead Still Here” is a powerful, eloquent collection of short stories. 

With a shared interest in helping homeless animals, two animal advocates are thrown together at a charity fundraiser.  Billionaire single-dad Chase Marlow donates to the animal welfare cause and agrees to be a date at the auction. Nurse Jenny Palmer has the winning bid and now has one date with the sexy dad, which leads to a quick attraction and a whirlwind relationship. 

On the Road to Love

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Blindsided by a divorce that comes out of the blue, Stacey Brown goes home to Florida for a vacation. Her mother sends her a picture of Stacey with her childhood friends, Olivia and Candace. Stacey sends them on to the other women and before long, they have planned a road trip together. The only catch? Olivia and Candace hate each other.