Reviews - Contemporary

Emma Wyatt has been bamboozled by her best friend Audrey. Audrey purchased Chief of Police Oliver Kyle in Emma's name at a charity auction and Emma is not a happy camper, to say the least. Oliver used to be Emma’s best friend until, for some reason, he decided to go off the deep end and become the Lothario of Crystal Valley.

Listening For Drums

Dr. Carrie Nelson has just received a prestigious award that will allow her to stay on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana for a whole year to carry out her research.  Unfortunately, her father and her fiancé don’t approve.

Once Upon a Wish

Delphine Baudry is trying to write her latest novel but inspiration seems to be eluding her, so she sits at a café hoping for it to begin zinging and she decides to throw a coin in a fountain to make a wish. Surprisingly, the coin connects with another at the same time before it falls into the water and the sign of good things to come zings loud and clear.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  The Logan kids are all grown up, and parents Mary and Grant are looking forward to their retirement.  Mary is helping plan her oldest daughter's wedding when  a surprise announcement from their other daughter, Sara, has changed her idea of what retirement will be.  Mary is an avid community member who volunteers in many ways.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Maris is still dreaming of becoming a Broadway star. Until she gets there, however, she has to deal with regular everyday issues — just like everyone else. Past love comes knocking in the form of Trevor, who is still interested, and Kyle, who wants her back. Then there is the new potential interest, Zak.