Reviews - Contemporary

Adair Ellis finds herself in a sticky situation when she meets her old high-school heartthrob, Josh Symington, at a dating event, the Race of Hearts. Her sticky situation involves a lie she told back in high school that caused many problems for Josh. As they take part in different challenges against other couples, their feelings for one another become more intense.

Crooked Road

Sixteen-year-old Charlotte has been estranged from Linda, her drug-addicted mother, since she was a small child. Thankfully, she was taken in and cared for by her Aunt Janice. However, her life is turned upside down when Linda drugs her, then kidnaps her and takes her across the country.

Jill Jeffery wishes for only two things:  her fashion design business to succeed, and to become a board member for the charity Like No Other.

Better Together

Aiden and Tallulah are two people from completely different walks of life. Aiden is an eager, moneymaking executive from a wealthy family, while Tallulah is a hard-working temp, who never stays at one job for long. When they meet, they are instantly attracted to one another. They soon discover their families aren’t that different after all. Dysfunction, it seems, does not discriminate.

Sawyer Truman has been friends with the Bennett brothers for years.  Rachel Bennett, their younger sister, always wanted to tag along with the boys, never knowing Sawyer had feelings for her. Now Rachel is all grown up — and trapped in a relationship with an abusive man. When things get out of control one night, Rachel frantically dials 911 for help, and Sawyer is the first on the scene.