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From a medaled Air Force Officer to a foreign Attaché, to a trusted executive at the Pentagon, Carla Bass has lived an exciting life!  And, through it all she has had the opportunity to help countless officers rise through the ranks.  How?  By teaching them how to write effectively!  Her methods have become so popular that they are now in book form for all to benefit from.  Come chat with her a

Christmas Curiosities
Barbara Gaskell

It’s December already and Christmas is nearly upon us. Are we all prepared? Is the tree up and fully decorated? Are there Christmas lights looped both inside and outside the house?  And what about those paper chains made last year by the kids, and tinsel and holly and mistletoe around the mirrors and the fireplace? And, presents? That’s the hardest of all.

Romance and the Cowboy Code

Snug blue jeans stack over the tops of dusty boots while a black Stetson, set at a rakish angle, tops his head. Muscles bunch and flex beneath the cotton of his shirt as he turns his hands to the labor before him. The fragrance of leather and horses blends with sunshine and virility, tantalizing the air around him with a unique, enticing scent.