Reviews - Historical

Lonestar's Lady

Augusta (Gussie) Horton has travelled to Pear Orchard, Arkansas with the hope that she can find happiness and stability as a mail-order bride, but upon her arrival, she learns that her intended has landed himself in jail.  Penniless and homeless, she finds herself without resources in the small town.  Soon she is introduced to social outcast Max Lonestar and it appears that they can help each o

American Rachel Thorne has travelled to England to visit family — and to search for a suitable husband.  Her sister-in-law, Abby, has arranged for Rachel's introduction to society. When she arrives, she is introduced to Lord Anthony, Abby’s brother, who is to accompany her to society balls and dinners.

Lady Arabella Niven is firmly on the shelf. Having been sickly her whole life, she has little chance of living long, let alone happily. However, she will not be bartered away to a man her father’s age for that man's political gain. Punished for refusing the man’s proposal, she and her two aunts land in Blackhaven, a place of waters like Bath.

Lady Abigail Rutland has never worked a day in her life. She has everything she could ever want, but yearns for adventure. Little does she know that her life is about to change. At a party, Abigail is kidnapped and forced onto a ship. She wakes up and discovers her hair has been shaved and she is wearing men’s clothing.

Jenny Sutton leaves Virginia for New York without telling her love, Andrew Wentworth, after she receives word that her father has been gravely wounded. Even though there is a high risk of danger, she must go to him. When she arrives, her father passes away but she also discovers that he was in league with a spy network for the Patriots.