Reviews - Historical

Cristabelle “Crissy” Shannon and Sergeant David “Davie” Donovan could not be less alike. Crissy struggles to make ends meet and care for her ailing mother. She works as a laundress at the Fort and hopes to join a convent one day. Davie is a cavalry ‘lifer’ who is as fun loving as Crissy is serious.

Charles Wheatly, Duke of Murnane, is still grieving the death of his child and suppressing the anger that he holds toward his estranged wife who deserted him and their son. In order to help deal with that grief, he takes a mission to find information in China. Little does he know the information that he seeks is the beginning of the First Opium War.

Kieran MacAdams is a fierce warrior, and belongs to a group whose primary goal is to protect King Robert the Bruce. However, there is a threat to the Lady Vivienne, a lady in the French Court. She risked her life to prevent an assassination attempt on Robert the Bruce. Kieran is worried for Lady Vivienne’s safety and demands that he bring her to Scotland.

When Delaney “Del” Russel, the son of Owen Rennie’s estranged partner returns to claim his father’s half of the ranch, Owen and his daughter Diana have other plans. Diana goes to town to discourage Del from staking his claim. However, when Owen drops in to confront Del, he finds Diana in Del’s arms and her necklace in his saddlebag.

When Lady Honor is attacked in the forest, she keeps it to herself. She doesn't want to get anyone else hurt; as a healer, she has vowed to do no harm. She has also vowed to never marry after seeing how her father treated her mother. When reports of attacks are coming in, Lady Honor is given protection in the form of warrior, Bryce Calder. Bryce doesn't trust women.