Reviews - Historical

REGENCY:  Nash and Robbie Powell are some of the best agents the crown has. Unfortunately, their latest assignment has forced them to utilize a family trip to Scotland for Christmastide, to hunt for a local lord who has spoken out for reform and is on the run. Capturing him is their duty, but the assignment doesn’t feel right to Nash.

Lord Henri-Antoine, a nobleman with a vast fortune, has a loving family, and is generally free from responsibility. Unfortunately, he is also plagued by seizures that leave him exhausted and his family fit to be tied. Lisa Crisp is an orphan living on the charity of cousins who see her only as a burden.

Raphael Brontë fled his proper English home in search of the freedom to become an important painter. Years later, the French Countess he sold his body to in return for patronage is dead, and with her his chance for love, as her will states that if he marries he must forfeit her fortune and thus the freedom to paint.

Comes the Winter
St. Claire

Alena Sommer is not one to allow trouble to stop her from living life. When the child she’d been governess to dies in an accident, she becomes a mail order bride, and sets off to the Idaho Territory to begin again.

In 1435 Scotland, Muren Grey is trying to escape the situation her brother placed her in. Her brother betroths her to another when, in actuality, she is already betrothed. Without a thought for Muren’s happiness, her brother promises her to one of the king’s men to find favor with the King. Upset with the decision, Muren decides to take matters into her own hands.