Reviews - Historical

After being orphaned as a child, Sophia Green is raised by her wealthy extended family. She is the constant companion to her cousin Laura, while she hides her unrequited feelings for Laura’s brother Sam. On a sea voyage with Laura to Italy, Sophia meets the dashing Captain Kit Hardacre. He has a checkered past, having been kidnapped by Barbary Coast pirates as a child.

A trusted and respected knight, Kenric Fairfax has never understood the deep hatred his mother seems to hold for him.

A Pirate’s Duty

Oriana Thorpe has led a dangerous life.  The daughter of a ruthless smuggler, her only goal is to stay alive and keep her sweet mother’s legacy alive by running the family inn.  Determined to stop the horrendous acts of her evil brother Charles - aka Captain Carnage  - Oriana saves the life of a lady and her maid.

Mayra and Logan have been betrothed since childhood, but as an adult, Mayra is loath to marry a man she believes to be a scoundrel like his father. She writes letter after letter, pleading with Logan to dissolve the marriage contract, with no response. When she is swept off her feet by a devilishly handsome stranger, she has to hatch a plan to try to force Logan to break their betrothal.

Pvt. Richard Lee Leslie

MEMOIR:  After spending 18 continuous months in battle during World War II, Richard is learning to adjust to civilian life, and it is proving challenging. When he meets with a military psychiatrist he begins to open up about the traumatic experiences of war, only to suffer a severe PTSD attack that lands him in the hospital.