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Hazel’s life is all going according to plan. The problem is, she is not sure it’s HER plan. When her best friend and roommate Jenny ends up in the hospital, she begs Hazel to cover for her escorting a horse to a new ranch to stud. Hazel knows nothing about being a vet or country living.

HISTORICAL:  Nicolette Carpenter is about to lose her family’s hotel. The bank is going to foreclose in a few days, and with only a single room let, Nicolette is running out of options — until a handsome lawman arrives in town. Malachi is hunting an outlaw; he comes to the Good Comfort Hotel for a rare chance to sleep in a real bed while he searches for the criminal.

After an enchanting meeting at Niagara Falls brought Jace and Niagara together, their relationship is moving on to the next step. As the holidays approach the pair are planning their future, but neither of them expect the sudden arrival of a brother Niagara never knew she had. New challenges can make or break a relationship.

Liz Montgomery is used to being seen as "a Montgomery" — an extension of her famous sports family — but rarely as herself. After her engagement ends in disaster, Liz is determined to keep relationships from hurting her again.

Highland Wish

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Kate Cameron feels like something is missing in her fast-paced city life. As a romance novel editor, Kate has had plenty of opportunity to fantasize about what love should feel like but hasn’t been lucky enough to find it.