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A trusted and respected knight, Kenric Fairfax has never understood the deep hatred his mother seems to hold for him.

A Pirate’s Duty

Oriana Thorpe has led a dangerous life.  The daughter of a ruthless smuggler, her only goal is to stay alive and keep her sweet mother’s legacy alive by running the family inn.  Determined to stop the horrendous acts of her evil brother Charles - aka Captain Carnage  - Oriana saves the life of a lady and her maid.

Nora’s mother has just passed away, and to accommodate her final wishes, Nora makes her way to Texas to deliver a letter to a man she has never met. She had assumed it was a love letter, but when the recipient is murdered, Nora learns the truth about the contents. As the last person to see Adam Brockwell alive, she is the primary suspect and Nora feels has to conduct her own investigation.

When the body of Olivia Lathom is found in the quiet retirement community lovingly referred to as The Villages, people are quick to take sides and point fingers.  Those fingers point to his girlfriend's Aunt Esther.  Retired lawyer Matt Royal is quick to take the case, and he leaps into the fray to prove Ester’s innocence. He must, as she is the only family he and J.D. have.

When Time is a River

Eighteen-year-old Brandy has had to adjust to a number of big changes — not the least of which is having a stepmother only a few years older than she is, and a three-year-old half-sister.