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HISTORICAL:  Zadicayn is a wizard, imprisoned since the Middle Ages — 324 years. Brynn lives in England in 1842. They could not be further apart by time or closer together by fate. Brynn’s cousin, Reuben, dies under suspicious circumstances and she suspects murder. He had been trying to find and free Zadicayn and now leaves Brynn ambiguous clues to complete the quest he died for. 

Then She Sang

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Single mom, Tracey, is back home and plans to raise her infant daughter, Emilie, surrounded by love, safety and security. It is not perfect or easy, but better than the alternative she left behind them. She has a plan with family and good girlfriends. So far, she is off to a decent start for her and Emilie. Then she runs into Alex.

With a shared interest in helping homeless animals, two animal advocates are thrown together at a charity fundraiser.  Billionaire single-dad Chase Marlow donates to the animal welfare cause and agrees to be a date at the auction. Nurse Jenny Palmer has the winning bid and now has one date with the sexy dad, which leads to a quick attraction and a whirlwind relationship. 

FANTASY:  Surina Imari is a talented flautist by age nine. When playing for the Sar’s court and his guests, she plays an unfamiliar piece, as though the flute is leading her. Upon finishing, everyone is asleep and her baby sister’s heart has stopped. She runs away to the village of Skanden and lives with the healer, Tolya.

Treasure Her Heart

At Judith Leslie's very first ball, eligible bachelor Peter Tenwick captivates her —but her mother forbids her to have anything to do with him. In a fit of pique, Judith approaches the young man and asks him to dance the last waltz. He accepts, enchanted with the tall, redheaded debutante who is not afraid to speak her mind. Peter’s father insists that he immediately find a bride.