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DARK FANTASY:  Ilanna, Journeyman of House Hawk, desires nothing more than to procure her freedom from the Night Guild. Her thievery skills are second to none, and she earns more for them than any other Hawk. She takes more risks, and is braver than most. What no one knows is that her freedom means everything, and for no other reason than to be able to raise her son.

The Devil's Gift

Jackson Rafferty knows his older brother is in trouble when Sheridan informs him of his plans to end his betrothal to Miss Jenevieve Kingston. After years of picking up after their father, the Earl of Devlin, Jackson expects this will be no different — until Sheridan is murdered in cold blood.

Cassie Taylor is looking forward to fun in the Florida sand and sun with her Aunt Betsy. When she arrives, Betsy is missing, and clues pointing to something being very awry are adding up fast.  When it becomes clear that Betsy is in serious trouble, Cassie meets Tanner Reid, the handsome deputy assigned to the missing person case.

Aednat has spent her life as an outcast. Being both a cripple and a healer makes the people innately suspicious of her, so it comes as a great shock when a rogue band of warriors are hell-bent on stealing her away and claiming her maidenhood. They believe that as a great healer her purity will bestow magnificent power to the one who beds her first.

Super sleuth Cassidy Clark and her trusty sidekick Brecie Lemay are distressed to learn that their old college chum Catherine Bibbione has suddenly died of a heroin overdose. Cassidy and Brecie know that Catherine was on the brink of divorce from her mafia kingpin husband Anthony Bibbione, and that she was as straight as arrows come — she would never shoot up.