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Old Bones
Renae Marie

Photographer Simon Greene has lost the nerve to pursue his dreams, thanks to a near-drowning five years ago. His wife Victoria is more than supportive of him, even when he turns to drink and women to cure himself. Now, he decides that the best cure for the deteriorating photographer is to move from New York to a quiet lakeside cabin in Maine.

Natalie Asimakis has been waiting for more than two hours for her husband to pick her up at the airport when her lost love Daniel appears, seemingly out of nowhere, and offers her a ride.  When she arrives at her apartment, she discovers that her husband James has been kidnapped. The ransom is a stolen USB keychain.

Dowager Lady Thornham spends her days reading about the rakes and scoundrels of London but of late, most of them have settled down and married. Her companion, Honora Beaumont, suggests she find a new diversion — and the Dowager comes up with a doozy! With three rakehell nephews in need of wives, she will throw a house party, giving her nephews a fortnight within which to find a suitable wife.

When Dr.  Devon Mayfield first meets Professor Delaney Driscoll at a college bar he thinks she is too flighty for him. For her part, Delaney feels he is too emotionally unavailable for her and shrugs him off. In his search for romance, Devon takes a “love test” invented by Delaney’s friend, Samantha — and is matched with Delaney!

William is a secucron — a half-human, half-demon reaper of souls. Betrayed by this father, who traded him to the Goddess of Death in exchange for his freedom, William was forced to take his father's place as a reaper himself.