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HISTORICAL:  Tilly Carver gathers the courage to seize the opportunity to run from her abusive father. Her attempt seems futile when mortal danger comes upon her in the form of a bear. She is rescued by an unlikely savior named Clayton Baxter. He takes her to his family's estate where his mother takes an immediate liking to her.

Gabe Kincade is having strange dreams that seem more like memories of a past life. As head of security to the Boulder Pride, big cat shapeshifters, he is guardian to the god Maahes. Little does he know he is also the reincarnation of a guardian warrior from ancient Egypt. Ares, god of war and Maahes greatest nemesis, knows Gabe holds the key to taking Maahes down. 

Awakened by Time

TIME TRAVEL:  Elle Carrere is a pop star whose career is on life support. The last thing she needs right now is the interference of a matchmaking witch, but Edna has better ideas. Transported back to 16th century Scotland and forced to rely on a hunky highlander, Elle finds herself reexamining her views on family, career — and love.

An Initial Countdown
Kevin E

DARK COMEDY:  One dark and stormy night, Dr. Haszard and his girlfriend, Sabrina, witness a man being run off the road and killed. When a vicar is later murdered in a most imaginative manner Haszard can’t help but investigate, despite the advice of the police, his friends, and his girlfriend. After all, with a name like his, can trouble be far behind?


Sure, Sophie McCurdy knew about the curse before she donned the enchanted dress. She just never expected it to work. Now she is trapped in Grancourt Castle along with Fay, the original time traveler, who tells her that she has exactly one year to find her true love, break the spell, and save everyone in the castle. Easy enough, right?