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Kailigh successfully raised three daughters in the wilds. Protecting them is proving to be a bit more difficult, especially now  they have reached courting age. Steering clear of a renegade with rich investors, seeking to take her youngest? Damn near impossible, and not over her dead body!

A Cowboy to Keep
Hebby Roman, Cara Copelin, Andrea Downing, Kristy McCaffrey,
Devon McKay, Hildie McQueen, Patti Sherry-Crews

A solid collection for lovers of cowboys and westerns, “A Cowboy to Keep” offers seven stories by seven different authors in the genre. The stories are of varying quality, but the writing is decent throughout. 

In "City Boy, Country Heart", cowboy Chay Ridgway has traded horses for the subways of the city, but can he be happy there when the country still holds his heart? 

In The Dreaming Hour
Le Veque

In 1933 Mississippi, a black man named Lewis is murdered because he dared to love Victory Hembree, a white woman. Six months after his death, the woman gives birth to a mixed-race baby, but the child disappears. The proudest family in town is involved in both incidents, which makes it dangerous for anyone even to speak about it, and the mysteries are buried over time. 

FANTASY:  "Y’Keta" is an epic fantasy story set in an ancient world, where the Sky Road offers a way to the stars. Y’Keta, the main character, has just found a new place to settle when it is threatened by secrets from his past.

The Firstborn

Sophia Brixton finds her hands full of responsibility at the tender age of nineteen. After losing both her parents to illness a few years previous, her younger sister Lucy abandons Sophia, leaving her infant son George behind in her older sister’s care.