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FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  As part of his custom, Prince Urban has a love mark tattooed beside of his left eye. Whenever his true love is near, the mark will start to itch. Urban doesn't approve, seeing the tattoo as the cause of the problems for his family. When his sister goes to another realm to be married, Urban goes with her.

When Lady Honor is attacked in the forest, she keeps it to herself. She doesn't want to get anyone else hurt; as a healer, she has vowed to do no harm. She has also vowed to never marry after seeing how her father treated her mother. When reports of attacks are coming in, Lady Honor is given protection in the form of warrior, Bryce Calder. Bryce doesn't trust women.

Lynzi Lancasater is happy to be married to Layne. As part of the Fae world, they have a lot to contend with during their honeymoon period, and it’s not going to be easy or enjoyable for them. Lynzi is put in a dangerous situation during a family visit, and she's then given some unexpected news that puts her and Layne in protective mode. A battle threatens to take away a beloved family member.

This full circle adventure encompasses Mitch’s life from recruitment and includes many references to days gone by that both warm the heart as well as force one to give pause. Real life historical events and personages span the pages and are sure to tug at emotions long forgotten.

On a ski trip with her kids at Lake Tahoe, California, Tessa Scott, affectionately referred to as the Grass Valley housewife to her colleagues at Enigma, gets embroiled in a quest for the Kifaru, Botswana’s last hope for stability.