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Elise Lafontaine is minding her own business when she sees her father's missing saddlebag slung over the shoulder of a man she does not recognize. Her problem? He is on a riverboat and unaccompanied females are not allowed on board. She catches the eye of a handsome man on the boat, who pretends to be her fiancé.

Tildy McVee has a special gift. It has helped her many times but also makes things confusing — and sometimes scary. When her family moves to Adelaide, Tildy is sure that the move is a positive step. Haunted in her dreams, her mother seems to have a lot of worry. The move is meant to be a good thing, and yet there is something bothering her mother and Tildy cannot figure out what it is.

Cora Anderson (also known as Jade) is an Olympic volleyball player who takes part in a phone company's marketing project, promoting their new phones. She has to pretend to be in a relationship with star hockey player Davis Elliot, who is hoping to get on the Olympic team. They get off to a rocky start. She assumes things about him even before she gets to know him.

Tiffany Cahill has had it rough. Her ex-boyfriend beat her so brutally that she ended up in the hospital. About a year later, she tries to move on, until the police show up at her front door. She is told that her ex-boyfriend has been murdered. Not long after that, someone looking for a list he left behind attacks her.

A Grand Tour (Timeless Victorian Collection Book 2)
Anthea Lawson, Jennifer Moore,
Heather B. Moore

“A Grand Tour” features three individual stories that follow the travels of three women named Isabelle, Eleanor, and Evelyn. Each story takes the reader to a new place — Isabelle travels to Morocco, Eleanor to Rome, and Evelyn travels to Egypt. They each have an idea of what they envision their life to be.