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SCI-FI:  Because of a war that created a bio-engineered virus to attack DNA, young men are left sterile and today’s scientists are working to end that infertility. Their efforts require the sperm of what they believe to be a stray cat, but scientists have no way to know he is from a different planet entirely.

Amelia Larson is a phenomenal FBI agent, but an even better psychic. Her psychic abilities mean she always gets her bad guy — that is, until she is assigned a case involving a Dracula copycat. If she wants to catch the killer, she must delve into the mysterious underworld, and her own world is about to be turned upside down.

Seeking independence, Lacey Reed jumps at the chance for a career in the big city. Unfortunately, her eagerness leads her straight into the hands of a blackmailer. Broke with no savings or a safe place to turn to, she literally runs into financier Connor Devlin. Dazzled by Lacey, Connor feels compelled to help.

Captain Oliver Whitehouse has two goals — and neither involves rescuing a damsel in distress. He should not be interrupting years of planning to return said damsel safely to London, even if she does make him forget his past. Blake Culpepper’s hunger for adventure not only nearly caused her ruin but set a madman on her heels as well.

FANTASY:  Residents of Hearthfire want for nothing. Carin is one such resident; she has never known the ache of hunger. All that stands before her now is the Journeying, a rite of passage that all villagers must take on their eighteenth harvest. Carin believes her task to be simple.