One Dark Lie (London & Cambridge Mysteries Series Book 3)


Nate Bastable and Ruby Fawcett have decided to take a break from all things mysterious. Unfortunately, murder and criminal behavior seem to follow them around like lost puppies. Ruby accepts a job writing a biography about a murdered woman named Diana Patrick-John, while Nate is determined to find his sister’s killer. Ruby and Nate are trying to continue a relationship, but secrets, lies, and two evil villains attempt to tear them apart. If they accidently put their friends in harm’s way will they be able to thwart the evil before it is too late? 


“One Dark Lie” is the third book in the “London & Cambridge Mystery Series.” Although this can be read as a standalone book, reading the books in order will help readers gain an enhanced understanding of the characters, the storyline, and the background information. Readers may find the beginning of the book somewhat confusing if they have not read the previous books. Clare Chase has taken a familiar plot and made it her own. The story flows at a steady pace and does not start and stop at random places. Readers will find themselves sympathizing with some of the characters and others they will hate to love or love to hate. “One Dark Lie” is a well-written story with strong characters and a storyline that is captivating. Readers will be asking for and anticipating the continuation of the series or will look forward to a new series from Clare Chase.


Mary-Nancy Smith