Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Brady Whelan is a man’s man and makes no qualms about it. He does not want to be tied down or “mated” anytime soon, if ever — that  is, until he meets Rachel Marsden. Finding her lying in the snow, beaten and bloody, leaves Brady in such a rage that he is determined to protect Rachel and find the scum that left her for dead. Rachel has never met anyone quite like Brady.

MYSTERY:  All Naomi wants to do is spend some time with her new fiancé. However, her talent for attracting ghosts means she has other things to deal with.

HISTORICAL:  Ten-year-old Rolf is a descendent of Merlin. Abandoned by his father, he is raised by another and trained as a knight in order to break the family curse. Rolf must marry for true love without the use of deceit or sorcery to break the curse. Unfortunately the woman he dreams of and longs for, Melissa Garrick, is betrothed to another.

A Vampire’s Tale

Marisa is in the middle of writing her next paranormal romance novel when suddenly the name Corgan Halton appears on her computer screen. The words are nothing she has typed but when she says the name aloud, he appears. Corgan wants to make sure that vampires are well understood and he’s chosen Marisa to tell his story.

Branwell D’Angelo met the woman of his dreams 6 years ago — when she started dating his brother.  He hid his feelings then and has loved Lucy Snow in secret ever since, even while he consoles his brother Tennyson when his relationship with Lucy ends.  Lucy, for her part, has secrets of her own, and that includes how she actually feels about Branwell.  When her niece disappears while Lucy is wat