Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

A Silver Medallion
James R.

For Crystal Moore it was just going to be another visit to her grandmother — that is, until she arrived and found her Nana with a shotgun trained on her shed. To their surprise, a Mexican woman named Rosa is hiding within, and she captures their attention and their hearts with a harrowing tale of modern-day slavery and cruelty.

GASLAMP FANTASY:  In 1882 Scotland, the Fey are in hiding or on the run from the Queen’s sniffers, sent to hunt them down. Technology is advancing, and men of science and industry are in control. When Sir Walter Conrad discovers a new fey energy source, the race for ownership begins.

Saron Blakefield, the dangerous Duke of Draloch, has been fighting a war against the dragons and demons of the underworld for years. Every day he loses another piece of his soul. He is also embroiled in a legal battle for Harleigh Hall with the determined Lady Anabelle Harleigh.

Rocker Preston Knight has found love with elusive vampire, Lily Grey. Lily did not choose to become a vampire. Preston welcomed the opportunity when offered to him. Loving each other opens doors for Preston and Lily — some to beauty, some to agony. Discovering they share a sire changes everything for the duo. Dorian Sweet holds sway over both Lily and Preston.

The Kiss of the Blue Howler

FANTASY:  Zephyr is unable to speak, and can only communicate through the Thought Energy pictures she creates.