Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

MYSTERY:  Lyra Mayet has dedicated her career to proving that Pharaoh Horemheb had children. She cannot believe her luck when she discovers the tomb of Horemheb's daughter, Namire. By opening the tomb, Lyra has inadvertently allowed a dangerous enemy to steal a feather that can bring chaos to the world. Asim is given the task of finding the feather.

White Knight
Nicole Flockton,
Abigail Owen

Sasha White is a victim of an ancient curse and has lived centuries with its ramifications. To stop the endless cycle, she has to find the Immorality Stone. By posing as a diamond cutter, she has infiltrated the company of the seven men once protected by her wizard father—Merlin. Now that she has found the stone, all that is left is to steal it.

MYSTERY:  Abby Jenkins does not want to attend a séance. Unfortunately, as a single mother, a new witch with a ghost boyfriend, and jobs as a private detective and night janitor at the local haunted teahouse, she has one too many secrets to hide, and when one’s friend blackmails you into attending her séance, you go, even if you’d rather be home.

Noelia Russo keeps busy between her job at Wedding Bliss, writing at night, and covering a friend’s volunteer shift at the hospital. The last thing she needs is a man, but when Noelia bumps into Dr.

Amelia Larson is a phenomenal FBI agent, but an even better psychic. Her psychic abilities mean she always gets her bad guy — that is, until she is assigned a case involving a Dracula copycat. If she wants to catch the killer, she must delve into the mysterious underworld, and her own world is about to be turned upside down.