Winter’s Mage (The Outcast Mage #2)


Amy’s job is that of a healer. Humans are okay, but supernatural creatures are what give her the true joy in her life.  She healed Rowan, a leshy, and he left her to pursue his destiny. When she is cursed to die, however, he storms back into her life to try to save her.  Something unnatural is coming, with a power that neither of them can understand or control. They will fight this curse together with a strength, hope and determination that will put each other and their friends through more tests than any of them may be able to stand up against.

Miriam Greystone envelops the reader in a completely new world with attention to detail that is second to none.  Amy’s supernatural friends help her to navigate what it will mean to live as if it is her last days. Conflicts that arise with other characters are real and moving, while the conflict between Rowan and Amy is more from misunderstanding between them as they navigate the strong feelings each have for one another. There is a lot of narrative dedicated to world building here, and at times it slows the story down instead of moving it forward.  "Winter's Mage" is book two of Outcast Mage series and it stands alone.  It is a great book to get lost in another world!

Laura Dinsdale