Of Spells and Shadows (Courts of Draiochta, #1)


Orphan Kinsey Fletcher is told she has a sick uncle living in the United States and the Mathairs want her to bring him back to the Courts of Draiochta to treat him. With little magic of her own and a virtual outcast among the witches Kinsey doesn’t stop to think about the strange request, instead jumping eagerly at the chance to find a family member. Accompanied by two Knights of the Court, werewolves who serve the Mathairs, she has no idea that her life is about to take a dramatic left turn. However, is it a turn for the better or worse? 


For those who enjoy stories about magic and werewolves, “Of Spells and Shadows” spins a unique and intricate paranormal tapestry. The characters confidently drive the story forward and the history of Draiochta is both intriguing and disturbing. The biggest drawback is the beginning where it too slowly finds its footing, leaving a bewildered reader to stumble and fumble along in the dark before gradually gaining enlightenment and thus, traction.  However, by the time Kinsey, Dominic, and Colin land in America the plot is firmly fixed and racing toward the end. With twists and turns coming from more than one direction, excellent characters, fascinating world, and a happy-for-now ending, this book is an exciting start to the Courts of Draiochta series!


Carol Conley