His Soul to Keep (Redemption's Price #2)

Rachel Leigh

Gabe Kincade is having strange dreams that seem more like memories of a past life. As head of security to the Boulder Pride, big cat shapeshifters, he is guardian to the god Maahes. Little does he know he is also the reincarnation of a guardian warrior from ancient Egypt. Ares, god of war and Maahes greatest nemesis, knows Gabe holds the key to taking Maahes down. 

Autumn Dailey is a geneticist who prefers to get lost in her work rather than fall in love. This changes when Gabe finds that she is his mate. Gabe's connection pulls her into a world her scientific mind can hardly grasp, and she finds herself in the midst of a war that has been brewing for centuries, with realities she never thought possible.

"His Soul to Keep" has innovative qualities that will expand readers' imagination beyond inconceivable boundaries. With intricate details, the author paints a compelling picture for the reader's mind. The execution of the shape shifter element is unique; the romance is endearing and will leave readers captivated. Gabe is a complex character in that he is two people in one body. It is very entertaining to see Autumn come to terms with the paranormal realities that leave her with the choice of loving not one, but two shape shifters of past and present. The supporting characters added an excellent depth to the story. There are a handful of grammatical errors. This book is part of a series that will be worth following up on in the future.

Jessica Samuelsen