Hellbound Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance #5)

Brenda Trim,
Tami Julka

Rhys is a demon who gets his energy from sex. He and two other demons have to sneak into hell and get a mystical amulet back before Lucifer can be released from his prison. He never expected to come across an angel, much less one like Illiana, who has been tortured for over a century by the demons of hell and hates all demons. Worse, he wouldn’t think himself capable of ever falling for an angel, not in a thousand years. Despite Illiana’s hatred for demons he falls for her anyway He’s willing to do whatever it takes to show her that he’s not as horrible as she thinks he is. 

As the fifth book in a series, this book is hard to get into at first for readers who haven’t read the previous books. While it can be read as a standalone, the world-building and character histories are probably better understood by readers who have read all books.

Both Rhys and Illiana go through a lot of character development in this book. Illiana probably changes the most. Her journey is dark and difficult, and heartbreaking at the same time, but Rhys does whatever he can to help her. He’s a true alpha male who protects his girl at all costs, and they both bring out the best in one another. The world building is phenomenal, and this book packs a lot of punches. The reader can never quite guess what happens next, and the story definitely keeps you on the edge of your toes!

Majanka Verstraete