Demon Leap: a Supernatural Thriller (The Specials Book 1)


URBAN FANTASY:  Arrow St. Martx has the power to transform objects into different items. With an urgent need for money to keep her grandmother from entering the Crossing Program, she must take a job that requires her to use her power illegally. Even though she has a general idea of what the job entails, she never imagines she will be Head of Security at a hotel filled with monsters. To make matters worse, there are many undercurrents and secrets floating around that need clearing up.  When the truth is revealed, Arrow finds she’s needed for more than security.

This supernatural urban-fantasy novel gives readers an innovative and unique perspective on the magic and paranormal worlds. Taking place mainly in the Sinistera Hotel, the heroine discovers the hotel is a world onto itself, housing as its permanent residents unusual creatures, vampires, and monsters. The characters need more depth to make the writing more cohesive and the ending leaves things unresolved, however, the brilliance of the creative and original plot keeps the pace flowing evenly and the pages turning rapidly. Comprised of a plethora of imaginary creatures both interesting and mysterious, this well-written, intriguing read will appeal to readers of many genres and grace the shelves of any library.   

Janna Shay