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Circle of Time
Debra Shiveley

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  After "borrowing" her father's yacht in order to sail off the tip of Florida to Bermuda, 21 year-old Bridget Littleton sees a face in the waves and falls overboard.  She wak

SCI-FI:  Jess and Kerzanna used to be together - until each thought the other was dead. Now reunited, they face a battle for their lives.

TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  Lady Rosanna Kendall is reaching a point in life where she may as well be a spinster.

Rogue Planet
Steven M.

SCI-FI:  Kaushal is the son of the slain Second Tribe king, who was found as a child hiding with his family in the mountains.

Air pirate Albion Clemens hies off to Europe to search for his foster father, Captain Samuel Clemens.