Miller’s View: La Isla de la Muerte

Marlene W.

La Isla de la Muerte sounds like a beautiful island according to the travel agent, even though its name means “Island of Death”. As they book their honeymoon on the island, Detective Johnathon Miller and Callie are full of  excitement and anticipation. However, when they arrive on the island, strange things begin to happen. What Callie doesn’t know is that Johnathon has a pair of rose-colored glasses that will show him both the past and the future…but she’s about to find out. 

A couple of days later, dead bodies begin to show up and a strange doll is discovered. Could this be the work of the Bone Lady? Are her powers so strong that they can reach the island of death? Detective Newman is on the case and thinks that Miller is the perpetrator. When more bodies start turning up, Miller must prove his innocence and discover what is truly going on on this very strange island. 

Murder, mayhem and voodoo…OH MY! Ms. Potts has written a unique mystery. After reading the prologue, one might become confused, as most of it does not pertain to the story. The novel itself leaves much to be desired — the writing is pretty basic, with lots of telling rather than showing. The characters and the descriptions all lack the depth needed to connect with the time, place and people in the story. There are some small editing issues that need to be addressed, and the formatting of the book itself is a bit wonky. With some content editing this story would have great potential!

Lynne Bryant