Hair Brained

Nancy J.

When their friends Ken and Tally cannot be found, Detective Dalton Vail and his wife Marla find themselves in a crisis.  Not only are their friends missing but also Ken and Tally now have to care for Luke, the couple's baby. Before long, they discover their friends have been in an automobile accident.  They rush to the hospital only to learn that Ken was killed in the crash and Tally is in a coma. As they wait for her to pull through, Ken and Marla try to figure out what caused the accident. What they find, however is that nothing they thought they knew about their friends is true. 

This novel is book number fourteen of “The Bad Hair Days Mysteries” by Nancy Cohen. The author captures reader’s attention from the beginning of the book. Although Marla is the emergency contact for Tally and their baby’s guardian if anything happens to them, her character did not feel as though she was prepared to take care of an infant at all. One may not feel the connection needed between a guardian and a baby while reading some of the passages, which tends to throw off the reader at times. As the mystery begins to unravel, there are a few “ah ha” moments which are surprising and interesting.  There are some issues with pacing and there are loose ends left hanging at the conclusion of the book.  The cliffhanger will definitely leave readers impatient for the release of the next novel in this series. 

Tina Donovan