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PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Hunter, a seventeen-year-old telepath, is working for Talon, a subsection of the CIA. Their mission? Find other telepaths and protect them by having them work with Talon. Talon agents are currently trying to find two telepaths that have not been heard from in several days. One is found dead, the other almost there.

Tamatsu has spent years without his voice, but instead full of hunger for earthly desires that he finds impossible to deal with. In order to be released from the curse he must go to the source —his former love, Noelle.  The deal he makes is to find the missing elf queen in exchange for the return of his voice.

Emmeline Griffith needs to find a husband. As far as she is concerned, it will be a business transaction, and only so that she can keep her inheritance. She finds her man in private investigator Bartholomew Turner. Bart has his own demons to handle, and his own reasons for agreeing to a marriage of convenience.

Long after he was believed to have been lost at sea, Graham Blackmore returns to reclaim his title. During his disappearance, his mother has had to keep those who would have his title at bay, with the help of her ward, Beatrice Marlowe. With his memory gone, Graham has to fight to fill the holes in his memory — and to prove that he is, in fact, the lost Lord Blackmore.

End of the Road
Karen Michelle

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Cecilia Gunner finds her father's journal, and after reading it, she is able to see him. There is just one problem with that — her father is dead, killed twenty-three years before. Lars Gunner is convinced he was murdered, despite his death being ruled accidental.