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Bethany Hayes’ first exposure to magic resulted in a car accident and the killing of a powerful witch who wanted her dead. Needless to say, she has been wary of her abilities ever since. However, Lucius, the former gladiator she freed from the witch’s clutches, is determined that his savior will learn to use her powers to protect herself.

The Man in the Mirror

After an gas station explosion leaves a John Doe with amnesia and the face of Gentry Wilson’s missing husband, everyone is left wondering what happened to Jake Wilson, and where he has been the last seven years.

Liz Bentley is living in fear. It is safer to stay in her tiny apartment than to risk being in the spotlight again. After being convinced by her best friend to come out for lunch, Liz is introduced to Will and her world is turned upside down.

Lord Wickenden, better known as the Wicked Baron, has fled to the Cumbrian coast after a duel leaves his continued freedom hanging in the balance.  At the request of an old friend, he investigates a local madam with her hooks in a friend’s son. He learns a bit too late that the delightful Gillie Muir is too innocent to be a conniving hussy.

Lucas Bywood is in Europe on his Grand Tour when his father orders him home to Bywood Hall. When he gets there, things are in turmoil. His mother is ill after taking a spill from her horse, his younger sister is betrothed and his oldest brother is married to a woman that no one really likes. Most importantly, Lucas has been promised by his father to marry a young lady that he cannot stand!