Reviews - Contemporary

Five Minutes to Love

After growing up with a father who values his career more than his family, Aviva wants a mate who will value her. She has had enough of dating though her roommates are determined to find her perfect match. Jacob Black doesn’t have time for relationship. As a law student, his focus is finishing school and making a name, and money, for himself at a top-ranked law firm.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  “Kissing the Boss” is a twisted fairytale unlike anything one could ever imagine. Protagonist Kaitlynn Judge is struggling to cope with her father’s death and having to deal with her evil stepmother – can anyone say Cinderella? 

Sexy Bad Boss
Misti Murphy
Tami Lund

Myra has been the personal assistant of James Frost for five years and while she is hopelessly in love with the man, he is completely oblivious — he is so absorbed with the running of his company. He admits he needs Myra in his life, but his need for her never goes beyond a professional level.

Her Bluegrass Beau

Karri Taylor ends her relationship with her boyfriend Brent and escapes from California to Willow Creek, Kentucky to settle affairs of her Great Aunt Alma’s estate. Upon arriving in Kentucky, Karri can’t find her aunt’s house, and ends up at Jake Duncan’s house instead. Karri is at first uncertain of Jake but with his offer to help her find her aunt’s place, Karri decides to trust him.

Paris Ever After
K.S. R.

Not only is Amy Brodie is suffering from the loss of her best friend, but she has had a huge fight with her husband William — so huge, that she has left him and gone to Paris, France. What she hasn't told Will is that she is four months pregnant. When she sees him again in a hotel in Paris, Amy realizes she must tell him the truth but she refrains from doing so.