Twisters and Textbooks (Sunset Plains #2)


Reporter Lauren Reynolds, bored of doing human-interest pieces for Tulsa One News, yearns to chase tornadoes.  When one of her much-beloved high school teachers passes away, Lauren knows she has to go to the funeral back in her hometown of Sunset Plains.  Of course, the town holds some terrible memories for Lauren — not only is it where her parents died in a tornado, but it is also the home of her first love, Tanner. Still, Lauren goes back for the funeral and runs into him. Can Tanner prove to Lauren that his love is worth more than chasing storms, or will Lauren leave Tanner again for the thrill of the tornadoes?

Lauren is an interesting heroine: devoted to her job, which could be a good thing, but also spirited and tenacious in her desire to chase tornadoes, which will be okay for some readers. Her attitude and her callous treatment of Tanner will turn many readers off though, and make her attempts at a relationship seem artificial. On the other hand, readers will sympathize with Tanner and wish he could find someone more worthy of him. Loyal and honest, Tanner is easy to love — he’s just a good country boy, steadfast and true. With "Twisters and Textbooks", author Lindzee Armstrong has given readers a stormy romance in novella form, with a sigh-worthy hero and a happily ever after. 

Roslynn Ernst