Too Damn Nice


At 18, Lizzie is headed for L.A. to start an exciting modeling career. Her only regret is leaving Nick behind without telling him she is in love with him. Nick is her brother’s life-long best friend who has always been around, first as an honorary brother, then a friend, but now she has stronger feelings for him. Conventional and conservative, Nick has equally strong feelings for Lizzie, but he doesn’t think he can compete with the exciting life she is headed for. They part, each holding stubbornly onto their secret love.  When tragedy strikes, Lizzie spirals into a dark emotional state filled with guilt, leading her into a string of bad choices.  When she bottoms out, Nick is the only one who can rescue her — but will they ever be able to confess their hidden love for one another?

Set between the glitter of the L.A. world of high fashion and the staid English countryside, “Too Damn Nice” starts well, with lovely prose and well-developed, interesting characters. The reader cannot help but be touched by the poignancy of Lizzie and Nick’s first awkward and failed attempts to admit how they feel.  Unfortunately, Ms. Freeman goes back to that well far too often. The plot bogs down frustratingly with too many incidents where they ALMOST say what they are feeling. Even after they get together physically, they can’t quite get the words out. That said, there is much to like about this story, especially the lively prose style and fun British slang and worldview: a good story overall if the reader can put up with a little frustration.

Marc Joseph