Snow and the Seven Teenagers


Widowed Snow is heartbroken, yet strong-willed. She raises her two teenage boys alone with love and determination, qualities that don’t go unnoticed by gorgeous Grayson, her sons’ billionaire soccer coach. The two develop a connection, shifting from soccer mom and coach to the beginnings of a friendship. When a disgruntled father causes Grayson to lose half of his team, Snow formulates a plan to help Grayson. Undertaking the care of her five nephews, along with her twins, is an impressive feat. Perhaps enough to convince Grayson to acknowledge his true feelings for Snow. Snow wants a happy ending, but what happens when a “poisoned apple” causes her to realize a startling twist of fate?

A delightful retelling of a classic fairytale, Ms. Keanini has found a way to create a fresh, clean, and impossible to put down story. Over and over, the reader will guess what will happen next and be surprised by the unpredictable journey the characters experience. The relationship between Snow and Grayson moves at a slow, sweet pace, leaving your heart aching for more at the end of every chapter. Every character the reader meets is unique, quirky, and fascinating in their own way. Ms. Keanini scores with this novel, her only foul being the sad feeling one endures when faced with the last page of a great story.

Chelsea McDonough