Settling for More


WOMEN'S FICTION:  What’s not to love about growing older? Sandra and Marshall Campion are at that stage where they can enjoy life and their empty nest. Their three children are making their way in life, although sadly, Maddie, their middle child hasn’t been seen in a few years. Shockingly, Maddie shows up at their door with a four-year-old daughter, a grandchild they knew nothing about. Isabelle ‘Izzy’ is an amazing child, and the Campions are thrilled to be a part of her life. However, the grudge between Maddie and her older sister Ella once again rears its ugly head and only intensifies when Ella meets her new niece. Wanting to repair things with her sister, Maddie takes off and leaves only a note and her daughter behind. Will she be able to repair the riff with Ella and settle down once and for all?

It’s so wonderful to read a story where the main characters are an older couple! Ms. Leger does a wonderful job filling this story with familial angst that will grip readers by the heartstrings. Sometimes though, certain aspects of the story seem to come a little too easy, such as the relationship between Maddie and Izzy’s father and his wife. The ending is also a bit rushed, all aspects seem to be tied up too quickly leaving the reader feeling a bit disappointed. One shouldn’t let that stop them from picking up this wonderful story of love and family, it will renew one’s faith that family is everything!

Lynne Bryant