Love Comes in the Mourning


After divorcing her cheating husband and inheriting her great-aunt’s estate, Lesley DeLoach decides to start her life over. Turning Rosalyn Manor in to a bed and breakfast is just the ticket. That is, until she see the disrepair the place has fallen into and the amount of money it will take to restore it. Not to mention, the only contractor she can afford is gruff and a bit testy. Lesley hopes he will take the job since she really can’t afford a big-city contractor. 

Widower John Hambrice really needs the work and money that restoring Rosalyn Manor will provide him; he has bills to pay and children to feed. After meeting Lesley, he is not so sure he wants to work with the lady from the big city with her fancy car and clothes. He has been burned before but as time passes by, he realizes that she is much more than her appearance. As their attraction grows, will they be able to set all their past hurts aside and find love once again?

Wow! Ms. Bevan writes a wonderful contemporary story with an added touch of faith. Even though the divorcee and widower relationship is a bit stereotypical, the reader will look past it and see the heart of the story. Some might be taken aback since there a few sex scenes (nothing overly graphic), and also a theme of faith in God. However, Ms. Bevan handles each scene with grace and finesse. Readers will fall in love with these characters and this beautiful story of heartbreak, pain and finding love again!

Lynne Bryant