Igniting Andrew (Tarnished Saints Series Book 11)


Andrew is the only firefighter and paramedic in Sweet Water. On one of his calls, he helps deliver a baby boy to proud widowed mother Christina. She is so grateful that she named the baby Andy in his honor.  Andrew feels a connection to Christina and her baby. Now the town is having a contest and all of the businesses are encouraged to participate. Christina owns a floral shop and she decides to enter. Andrew is also a competitor, but he offers to help her. She shuns his help and gets his brothers to help her instead, which sows seeds of jealousy in Andrew.

“Igniting Andrew” is a perfect portrayal of how a small town works. There are one or two prominent families who are the workhorses and the other families who fill in the holes. Ms. Rose is a genius at writing a novel with a huge cast of characters, but makes it easy to keep everyone in town straight. This reviewer found her cast of characters in the beginning of the book to be very helpful. She describes the town in such detail that one can imagine what the entire backdrop looks like, down to the tiny gazebo. The characters are all quite diverse with their own quirks and virtues. Ms. Rose instills her own brand of humor in this story and the reader will laugh right along with her as they go on one adventure after another with the twelve Taylor boys.

Belinda Wilson