Dreams for Tomorrow (A Serenity Bay novella)


Amber Fuller has earned her accounting degree and is working towards her dream of a CPA and a job in New York City.  A summer job at a popular restaurant in her Minnesota hometown turns two-fold, once owner Mason Reed learns of her qualifications. Reeling from the fear that his trust fund will be cut off by daddy dearest, he desperately needs help with the business and makes Amber an offer she cannot refuse. Will their attraction bring about goal changes?

Once Amber accepts the accounting challenge, she finds herself spending much more time with Mason. Focused on getting his books and finances in order, the extra time spent with the popular chef and restaurateur is sparking a flame neither can deny. Soon Amber will be leaving town for the Big Apple. Mason has been there, done that and likes the small-town life.  Each character has family pressure behind their career choices, and life gets complicated the more time they spend together. After convincing Mason’s father that his business is profitable, Amber must make one of the biggest decisions of her life; “should I stay or should I go” ….

Ms. Rose has served up (pun intended) a delightful little read, with an older hero and a geeky heroine, each searching for happiness and acceptance with their respective families. One small detail made the story seem a bit unbelievable: reservations at Mason’s restaurant are booked up 18 months in advance, yet his bed and breakfast is in financial straits. One would think, given his reputation that ‘word of mouth’ would have steered customers to the B&B. Overall, readers will love how these two unlikely characters connect and begin their path to finding happiness, and how the heart prevails. "Dreams for Tomorrow" is the perfect recipe for lovers of a good HEA romance.

Layne Lancaster