Diamond in the Rough


WOMEN'S FICTION/HUMOR:  Kathy Taylor’s Aunt Catherine has just died and left Kathy a million dollars, with just one stipulation: she must lose fifty pounds in six months. Her aunt's lawyer, Devon York, has a dress that Kathy must wear to present the Dubois Charity award at Christmas. If the dress fits, the money is hers. Her sister, Tina, repeatedly tells Kathy there is no way she can lose the weight. When she is told she can’t, she rebels and becomes determined to succeed. Until Christmas, Kathy is to have anything she needs, within reason, and the estate will pay for it. Devon, mesmerized by Kathy, agrees to help her achieve her goal. The one thing he had not planned on was falling for her – hard.

“Diamond in the Rough” is unusual, showcasing an average, overweight girl with a fantastic personality and shows her blossom into the beauty she has hidden deep inside. Devon recognizes that beauty long before Kathy's transformation begins. There are many unexpected twists in this journey of self-realization, as Kathy discovers who she really is. The world building is where the story falters just a bit.  More detail of Catherine’s house and Devon’s completed homes are needed, as they play significant parts in the story.  Both Kathy and Devon display raw emotion as the story unfurls and the reader is drawn into the tale and into their lives. A beautiful story of emotional growth, readers will need tissues to finish this page-turner!

Belinda Wilson