The December Deception


Lorelei is a dedicated employee with a private family law firm. She has been working tirelessly and has much success with her cases. Surely, her boss, Henry Hale will notice and put her name in the hat for partner? With the holidays coming all Henry wants to do is work through them, but he is hosting the festivities this year and can’t let his family down. When he invites Lorelei to dinner, she jumps at the chance to meet “the family”.  All are partners, maybe she can convince them she’s worthy of promotion. Henry is looking for help entertaining his family; he’s not considering his heart may become part of the equation. Will his stubborn nature chase off his best lawyer or can he charm his way into her heart?

“The December Deception” is a fun holiday treat for any time of year. Ms. Volney pens a sweet yet strong character in Lorelei; she has her eye on the prize and wants to prove her value and worth. Henry is still figuring things out which makes him human and endearing, but also lacks depth as a character. The family dynamic is funny and so true. The holiday period this takes place in is a fun bonus to this strong but short story. Just when readers are fully vested, it ends. This is a stand alone, but knowing it is a series and more exposure to warm the heart is something to look forward to. Raise a glass and Happy Holidays!

Viola Robins