Chaos at Coconuts

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Set in Crystal City, Missouri, “Chaos at Coconuts” revolves around an ensemble cast of three best friends since high school: Alex, the Banker; Suzy, the Wedding Planner; and Hope, the school counselor while introducing a new member to their group of friends, Cheri Van Buren. These lovely besties, most likely in their late thirties, meet up regularly at a local hotspot called Coconuts to unwind, have fun, and support each other while navigating the whirlwind challenges of life in a Tornado Alley town.

Readers will enjoy the trek through the ups and downs of these women as they maneuver through relationships, tragedy, and happy surprises. At times, sudden changes in point of view occur requiring the reader to take pause and figure out which of the friends the story has jumped to. Also, because of the multiple story lines/main characters, one is not clear what role the newest member, Cheri, plays until over halfway through the book. Readers may sense something not quite right with how the men in this cast of characters treat these strong, successful women and hopefully will not be put off by their reactions. The ending seems to be a happy ever after for now, but questions are left unanswered, possibly lining up the next book in the series. Overall, this an good read with a Mama Mia! vibe.

Becca Windsor