Captured Memories (Cupid’s Café - book 3) 


Liv Morozov is broken inside. After being physically attacked and dropping out of college, she finds dating complicated and intimacy nearly impossible. When an invitation to Cupid’s Café arrives, she is very apprehensive until she sees her brother’s long-lost best friend Zane Parata. Her first and only love, Zane is also awaiting a date after receiving a mysterious invite to the café. An ex-con who battles an alcohol addiction, Zane feels as if he does not deserve love. Sparks fly as these two broken souls find one another again, battling old demons together, one day at a time, including the disapproval of loved ones.

WOW! This book is a refreshing spin on romance! Liv and Zane are anything but perfect, but they are perfect for one another and watching them learn to love and trust again while battling real-life hardships is inspiring. Somehow, Katherine McIntyre has taken two very rough characters and turned them into extremely likable personalities that will have the reader begging them to succeed and find happiness. True, raw emotion drips from the pages, as do vivid details of their world. One feels absolutely invested in the story and characters, turning page after page! More detail on who sent the Cupid’s Café invitations would have been a nice detail to tie up loose ends. This book portrays unconditional love at its best and is a fine example of well-deserved redemption. Two broken souls are finally repaired, thanks to Cupid’s Café! 

Dahlia Gosney