The Billionaire’s Stray Heart (Burke Billionaire Romance Book 2)

Rachelle J.

Jordan Burke is a billionaire — and a workaholic. He spends his days at the office, suppressing the hurt and pain from the death of his parents. He narrowly escapes being mugged when a stray puppy comes to his rescue. He takes the puppy to the animal shelter, where he meets Madison. There is an immediate attraction. After some thought, Jordan decides to adopt the puppy, Roxie. He knows that a dog is a lot of work, so he hires Madison to help train her. As he and Madison grow closer, he realizes how much of his time is spent working and not enjoying life. Jordan wants more with Madison and to spend more time with Roxie, but how can he balance that with his busy schedule?

It is safe to say that any book that involves dogs will tug at the heartstrings. That is certainly the case with this book! This story is a very quick read but does not leave anything out. The characters both have tragic backstories that affect the way they currently live their life. It is touching that a sweet puppy will be the one to help them realize there is more to life. The story does progress quickly — so quickly, in fact that it seems a little unrealistic. Jordan makes drastic changes in a very small window of time. Even though Madison and Jordan are dealing with deep issues, their love is a complete whirlwind. However, the concept of not wasting precious life and living life to the fullest is very inspiring.  This quick read is touching and inspirational!

Amanda Hupe