The Touchstone of Raven Hollow (Secrets of Roseville #3)


Tara Golden is haunted by her mother’s death — one she couldn’t prevent, despite her power to heal. Life has taught Tara that most will not accept her gift, and thus she keeps it hidden. When she uses her gift to heal Grant Markel’s fatal condition during his visit, she never thought he would come back to town to seek out the source of his miracle. Grant is a scientist; he does not believe in miracles. Whatever cured him could cure others, and he is determined to uncover just what mix of food, water, minerals, or particles in the town did the job. And as well, perhaps he can take the intriguing Tara out on a date. However, when their date traps them in an enchanted valley, Tara will have to reveal her secrets to get them out. Will Grant believe her, or will his refusal to accept the magic keep them from ever getting home?

The third paranormal romance in the “Secrets of Roseville” series gives the youngest of the Golden sisters another chance at love. Picking up from the previous book, Tara and Grant meet once again and sparks fly from the start. Their romance feels a bit rushed at times, as Tara spends  much time worrying, and the quick pace propels them from dinner to crazy date and on with little depth. Still the enchanted valley section is unique and the Golden sisters are interesting. Overall, this is a light and fun paranormal romance, and those who need a bit of light love will enjoy the read.

Sarah E Bradley