Self-Publish or Perish!


Confession: There was a time when I had an attitude about self-published authors. For years, I assumed these writers self-published their books because they’d been rejected by all the traditional publishers. I assumed their books weren’t any good—at least not good enough. But, we all know what they say about those who assume, right?Flashback to October 2013. With two Mystery novels completed and a third in progress, I’d already been rejected by thirty or forty literary agents and a handful of small presses. Feeling dejected (and unappreciated), I may or may not have told my wife and anyone else who would listen that I was done with writing. Finished. Over it. Done. After almost ten years’ worth of writing and, roughly, half a million words produced, I was going to give up my dream of being a published novelist. Being a sensitive, and occasionally, a dramatic soul, I wasn’t just going to give up on the publishing world that was so keen on ignoring me; I was going to give up on writing. No more books. No more short stories. No more handwritten letters to my son who couldn’t read yet. No more writing of any kind. Period.

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