Falling For June: Episode 8

Heather B.

June placed her hand in Lance’s as the people around the bonfire danced and ate delicious Hawaiian food. The Maui resort was like a lover’s paradise, and June used that as the reason why her heart was thumping so hard. She might be indulging in a vacation fling with a man she’d met just a couple of days ago, but with the moon hanging low over the ocean a short distance away, and the band’s ukulele music softly playing in the background, June could hardly blame herself. Her heart was another matter. She might regret every moment of tonight on the flight back to Portland in a couple of days. Even though she’d discovered that Lance lived less than an hour away in Vancouver, Washington, she knew vacation romances didn’t transfer to the real world.
Lance’s invitation to wade into the ocean beneath the night sky would probably never happen again in her life, so as Lance drew her toward him and tucked her arm beneath his, she leaned into his warmth. She enjoyed how he was several inches taller than she, and how his muscled and lean body was also comfortable to nestle against. She’d also enjoyed the way he’d kissed her last night—on their technical first date—and wouldn’t mind a repeat tonight.

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